We are a small but passionate team based in Berlin, Germany and Silicon Valley, California. We focus on supporting our community of Creatives, developing the platform, and helping our clients design successful crowdstorm initiatives.


Bastian Unterberg

CEO & Co-Founder

Bastian is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for digital working environments. He founded jovoto in 2007 with the idea of creating a flexible, independent and fair platform for top creatives. And he is still committed to this vision, which is firmly anchored in jovoto’s strategy and values to this day. He regularly speaks at conferences and is co-author of the successful book “Crowdstorm”, which was published in 2013.


Tim Assmann

CTO & Co-Founder

Tim has managed the development of the jovoto platform since the company’s establishment. Besides his technical background knowledge, he also has an understanding of strategic topics and is deeply involved in the further development of jovoto. Combining different disciplines and cultures is both a challenge and passion to him.


Conradin Mach-Sonnenberg

Creative Strategy Director

Conradin is responsible for developing the concepts to our projects. Together with the client, he builds the creative tasks for the community. With more than ten years’ experience as a creative director at an international advertising agency, he ensures the high quality of all our projects and their results.


Jörn Hendrik Ast

Senior Manager of Sales & Marketing

Jörn Hendrik is responsible for sales and marketing at jovoto. As a result of his many years’ experience in sales, all his attention is focused on ensuring that our clients’ needs are fully met. He also makes sure that the world finds out about our fantastic projects. Before joining jovoto he founded a consultancy firm for social media recruiting.


Britta Lehmann

Senior Project Manager

Britta takes care of the client process at jovoto from A to Z. She is involved in the preparation of projects and supports the development process of the creative tasks. As the link between sales, creative strategy and community management she makes sure that all activities run like clockwork.


Jessica Snidersich

Senior Community Manager

Jessica is responsible for the dialog with the community. She discusses the creatives’ ideas with them, encouraging them to submit and improve on designs. Jessica also assists in PR activities and is an editor of the jovoto blog. Before joining jovoto she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York.


Jesko Stoetzer

Community Manager

As a former jovoto creative with twelve years of experience in concept development and design, Jesko supports the community in enhancing their ideas. As our project guide and community manager, he assists our creatives worldwide with research, inspiration and substantiated feedback, establishing a high level of professionalism and mixing quality with fun and motivation. Jesko’s passion is ecological and ethically responsible design.


Alexander Presber

Senior Developer

Alexander is responsible for programming the jovoto platform. He updates the website and develops and implements new features. Before becoming part of the jovoto team, Alexander worked as a software developer at the IT company Weißhuhn & Weißhuhn for more than ten years.


Nathalie Sonne

Project Manager

Nathalie started working at jovoto as a Community Manager and is meanwhile the Project Manager for our international clients and platform partners. In addition to her role at jovoto she also works as a freelance project manager and communications consultant. In 2010 Nathalie graduated from the University of the Arts in Berlin (UdK) with a Communications degree.


Dora Csala

Community Manager

Dora is responsible for managing the community. She provides the creative community with practical advice and assistance during projects – if any uncertainties or problems arise, we can count on Dora to find a fast solution. Alongside her position at jovoto, Dora also studies Visual Communication at the University of the Arts in Berlin (UdK).


Azin Azadi

Software Developer

Azin is responsible for various aspects of the platform development at jovoto. He is specialized in complex systems like voting algorithms and the Karma System. In addition to his strong analytical thinking he is also very creative: he started painting at an early age and still dedicates a lot of his time to this hobby today.


Frauke Huhn

Team Assistant

Frauke’s task is to keep the jovoto HQ ticking over. As well as office management she also assists the managers and supports our human resource management and accounting team. Last but not least, Frauke takes care of our well-being: every good team needs a Frauke for organizing healthy fruit baskets or the perfect team-building weekend. As well as looking after us, Frauke also has a young daughter and is a keen theater actress.


Michael Paulus

Accountancy Manager

Michael is responsible for the accounts and payment transactions at jovoto. One of his tasks is to ensure the winners of a project receive their prize money promptly. Michael, who has a degree in economics, worked for an auditing firm for many years prior to joining the jovoto team.