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Life Edited – 1st Karma Award!

jovotoans, nearly 5 weeks in the contest and still going strong. We are witnessing some crazy visionary approaches, mad rendering skills and beautiful hand-made sketches. Moreover, some incredibly expertise-loaded feedback coming from you! And did you remember we had special prizes for that? Yes, that’s right, 3 Voltaic solar backpacks, 5 Cisco Webex annual subscriptions and […]

jovoto Guest Post: Åsa Wikman

This week’s Guest: Åsa Wikman Åsa is a Swedish designer and illustrator who works and lives in London, UK. She works with analog and digital media. Åsa loves to work on illustration for editorials, print media, apparel and especially patterns and products. She blogs at and here’s her website: On jovoto, she’s simply […]

Enable Sessions: Join live ideation for jovoto contests

We’re partnering with Enable Berlin to invite you to generate ideas live, in a transparent and collaborative process. Enable Berlin meets every second Wednesday downstairs at Open Design City. At an Enable Workshops, design thinking and collaborative methodologies are applied to solve challenges, together. Rrecently, Enable has picked some jovoto tasks as the topic of […]

New Blog Series – jovoto Guest Posts: xgeronimo

Stay in touch Ever wondered where some oldschool jovotans have disappeared to? Well, it’s life. Suddenly, you’re just too busy, you have a new fulltime job, you’re on an around-the-world trip, you’ve simply moved on to do other things. It happens – and that’s good! Nonetheless we are now inviting you to stay in touch […]

Start up berlin: Last info!

The snow just started falling in Berlin, so that means: Winter party time! We hope you are all just as excited as we are for the party on Friday. Hereby we provide with the latest information. First off. Once again the address Festsaal Kreuzberg Skalitzerstr. 130 10999 Berlin Secondly, The time table Doors open: 21.00 […]

Revitalize a brand

One thing is for certain in this age, companies want to seem current. What better way to say “hey, we are changing with the times” than to refresh your company image. Not a full rebrand. Just a refresh. But when a brand is refreshed too often it often starts to become desperate like a girlfriend […]

jovotans worldwide – bcgg23232 a.k.a. Sungun

What’s in your name? What does this weird code stand for? Many people have wondered about it but I kept it secret because the truth is quite silly. The origin of my handle goes back about 13 years ago when AOL like internet service got popular in South Korea. Every user received random name and […]

New Team member: Benjamin

Who are you where are you from? – I’m Benjamin – but you can call me Ben or Benny or what ever you like. I was born and raised in Berlin. I went to school here and studied here. Why? It’s the best place to be. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like other cities. I […]

jovoto recommends: Design Smash

Deisgn Smash: The place to be on Saturday! Design Smash is a Party/Open Design Laboratory/Live Prototyping Event – and it all takes place right downstairs in the betahaus café. Drink beer, listen to music and observe as 20 brilliant designers sweat over the task of creating an object in a limited amount of time, and […]

jovoto pre-meetup

Jovotans, I hope you are all as stoked as we are for our party on Friday the 26th of November!  We can guarentee that it will be off the hook! But besides this big meetup also heads up for all Berlin people who would like to get-to-know each other before the party. On Thursday the […]

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