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Open Zone: The Yugos; The Winner!

I know that many of you have been curious about the final out come of The Yugos Open Zone Challenge. It has taken some time due to the amount of submission and the band members not always agreeing on only one concept but they have all narrowed it down. I am very excited to tell you […]

Tumblr #19

A new week, a new Tumblr post! Finally: the dislike feature everyone has been longing for! Check out the ultimate street art project generator. Measuring 1,000 meters high, and two miles wide, the name “HAMAD” has been etched into the island of Al Futaisi just off the coast of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The […]

Excitement on HR-Campaign

Today a new public contest started: ImmobilenScout24 -Excitement on the Job. You are wondering who ImmobilenScout24 is? It’s an online platform founded in Berlin/Friedrichshain, which is working on the real estate market. The idea of ImmobilienScout24 is to bring together providers of real estate and those searching for it via the internet. The company offers […]

Protei – Chosen design and “thank-yous”

I had a skype meeting with the entire protei team in their workshop in Rotterdam today, and they have made their decision! Despite the community preferring designs that focus on showing the characteristic swirly tail of protei, or breaking down its function of separating oil out of water, the protei team chose Romko’s paper boat. […]

Bon Voyage

Hey y’all! a well-known, progressive travel insurance company has a really cool contest running on jovoto at the moment. They are specifically looking for a strong web 2.0 communication campaign to boost their rise to fame. And that’s where you come in: The guys are actually really open minded and appreciate submitted sketched concepts just […]

Next Open Zone – Art: Made by the Crowd

Time to announce our next Open Zone project on jovoto. We’re going to create art! No client, no rules, no strings attached. Let your ideas run wild and come up with an artistic intervention along this topic: “Friend, Foe, Fan, Follower and everything in between. How is the internet changing the way we think about […]

Lieferheld is looking for an Illustrator (Freelancer)

Dear jovotans, now that Lieferheld knows you guys a little better, they asked us to publish their job offer. They are looking for an Illustrator (Freelancer). Here we go: Lieferheld offers the possibility to order food (e.g. pizza, sushi) via internet in a comfortable way. Just enter your zip-code and you will get an overview […]

Tumblr #18

Hey folks, this week’s jovoto Team Tumblr once more presents to you a selection of inspiring stuff from the interwebs. Birmingham-based Willard Wigan has some mad miniature modeling skills. In fact he acquired the technique to slow down his pulse just so he’d be able to work in between heartbeats. Fun fact: Wigan’s work has been selling extremely well, making him […]

Team Member Monday: Kathrin

Hello community! Welcome to another edition of team member Monday…uh Wednesday. Since 2 weeks we have a new face here in the jovoto Berlin office, and it’s about time that you get to know her. Jovotans, meet Kathrin! So tell us Kathrin, how’d you end up working at jovoto? A business friend of mine introduced […]

Top 10 community winners at the garden unique

As promised here’s the update on the garden unique exhibition. Besides the 3-d models of the three jury winners, a total of ten submissions are going to be presented in Cologne at the garden unique. Now it’s finally decided, it’s gonna be the community ranking’s top 10. So congrats to you guys once again ! […]

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