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Tumblr #20

Just another Friday… a couple of sun rays (yay!) just made their way into our office, the weekend is close… about time for our weekly dose of inspiration! Well the best source of inspiration is nature itself, isn’t it? Look outside the window, did you see the sunlight reflecting on the rooftops… Sequin Street Art, Reykjavik, […]

SKLZ – Winners

After a long and exciting few weeks the SKLZ challenge has come to a close. With   submissions,    comments, and votes it seems that all who participated really enjoyed themselves. It was very nice to see everyone helping each other out with baseball and training facts – seeing as not everyone is aware of […]

Human Rights Logo: We’re one step closer

Dear jovotans, Over on, the past days have been buzzing with activity! On Sunday, July 31st, midnight GMT+2 the submission phase ended. You can imagine that it was quite a logistical challenge to coordinate across timezones, with thousands of members signing on and trying to upload at the same time… but of course, in […]

Understanding Train Station

Einen wunderschönen Tag zusammen! One thing you gotta love about jovoto is our international network. Creatives from all over the globe collaborate with Mexican architects, give Russian copy writers a helping hand, get inspired by Japanese cartoonists and receive constructive crits from Australian designers. Google translator and the likes  can be a nice tool when […]

jovotoans worldwide – Rogerio a.k.a. Rogerio A. Almeida

G’day jovotoans, this week we start with another episode of our jovotoans worldwide series: let’s get down with our boy Rogerio who made it 3rd in the $300 house contest – with a smart and convincing concept that was presented in beautiful hand-drawn sketches. Tell us a little bit about yourself, what’s your background, what […]

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