Update: New Evaluation Questions


Hey there jovotan,

When uploading your idea or looking through the submissions in the Your Next Job project, have you noticed the new evaluation questions?

We thought that if everyone had just a couple of direct questions to answer & explain their submissions we could build  a base for a more comprehensive and full understanding of your each idea.

If you can answer these questions, which can change depending on the task & project, it’ll be a better measure of “on-briefness” and how your idea is different from someone else’s.

See the evaluation questions in action, describing, differentiating & working to help c0mmunicate your ideas here in the mobile.de, Your Next Job project!


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avatar Jess is Community Manger at jovoto, spending her time creating dialog and encourage ideas with the community. She is also responsible in assisting jovoto’s communication outreach and growth.

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    I really appreciate the evaluation questions because you can quickly identify if this concept is ON brief or just fluff.

    Monday April 9th, 2012 10:30 PM
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