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Hey jovotans,

We’re back on this lovely Thursday, with a real treat for your eyes and a new community member interview! Let’s hear it from the guy who has already won plenty of stars for his wacky illustrations and subtle but potent color palette, Kimosabe!

Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, what are you doing?

Hello my name’s Diogo Rebelo, I’m 34 and I live and work in Lisbon, Portugal.

I’m a freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Art Director & a Set Decorator for TV series and movies in Plural Entertainment. I’ve studied Fine Arts and had my degree in Painting, when I’ve finished my degree I went with 2 friends to Sierra Nevada, Spain where I’ve spent the all season teaching snowboard, it was an amazing time, awaking every day in a mountain full of snow and the only thing to do was teach snowboard, ride and hang out with my friends.

I love skateboarding, snowboarding, boxing, cooking, my friends and of course… every creative challenges.

I’m now working in a personal clothing brand with my illustrations to launch in the summer of 2013, hoping it will all work for the best so in the future i can invite other artists to collaborate. I’m also working in a customize collection of Paez shoes, all hand-painted and in an illustration book about bullfights (that is something that I don’t agree).

Is there any special story behind your username?

Well, I don’t think that is a special story. When I was deciding my artist name as a freelancer, kimosabe was one of the names that pop’ up and the one that made the most sense.

Kimosabe means “faithful friend” and “a man that makes the most of what equipment he has”, in my case, my creativity. As a Free-Lone Designer I’m always ready do get the job done whenever the duty calls treating my clients as friends! (Whenever that’s possible :) )

How did you end up becoming a designer/illustrator?

I don´t consider myself just as a Designer/Illustrator. I’m more just a guy with lots of ideas that loves to create and bring ideas to life! Since I was a child that I grew up surrounded by creativity. My father worked in an advertising agency, and at the age of 5, my favorite thing, was going to the art room to draw and paint. It still is.

When designing where do you get your inspiration from?

I think I get my inspiration from books, music, other artists’ work…

Sometimes she strikes me when I’m not expecting, when I’m having a drink or a conversation, when I’m watching TV or when I’m falling asleep (that’s why I have a notebook and a pen beside the bed).

Inspiration comes from everywhere; you just have to find the right way to make it work!

How would you describe the creative scene in your hometown or where you live now?

I live in my home town (Lisbon), and it’s a great place to live (apart the crisis).

We have a lot of creative movements going on all year, there are more and more independent galleries betting on aspiring artists and promoting art and creativity.

We have a lot of museums and music fests, we have sun, beach and most of the people like to be on the street having a drink and hanging out with their friends. So it’s great!

How did you find out about jovoto?

Actually, I think it was by accident, maybe faith… :)

And what are your favorite types of jobs?

My favorite jobs are illustrations and logos. I really like to work with music bands, clothing brands, editorial illustrations…I love to create, so the more creative freedom I have, the better.

Anything you want to share with the jovoto community?

First I want to thank you (Jovoto) for your invitation and congratulate you guys for your great work and amazing platform.

I also want to congratulate the community for their amazing works and for the support they give each other, keep on the good work and vibes! Thank you for your love and comments.

Wish you all lots of LOVE & CREATIVITY!

Diogo Rebelo a.k.a. Kimosabe

Thanks for the compliments and thanks for the in depth interview. As I always say, it’s great getting to know who makes up our jovoto community. Good luck with your next endeavors and we look forward to seeing more of you around the platform!

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    Ah! Here is the man under the mask! :) Very nice interview, Diogo! Great work you do! Hope to see more of it! :)

    Thursday January 31st, 2013 09:42 PM
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    Diogo. Amazing story ! A good idea is the best way to start. And wish you all the best with your personal clothing brand.

    Thursday January 31st, 2013 11:48 PM
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    Nice interview Diogo, it´s great to know more about you. Such a surprise you lived in Granada and I´m with you about the bullfighting ; )

    Friday February 1st, 2013 08:56 AM
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    Hi Diogo,
    nice to “meet” you here and get to know more about you! You´re on the list of my favorite designers from the very beginning because of your great illustrations – great Interview! And btw: thumbs up for your book-project against bullfight – would be great when more good artists would make a statement against such with their art!

    Friday February 1st, 2013 12:18 PM
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    Friday February 1st, 2013 05:25 PM
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