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New year, new tumblr!
I hope you had a good first day of the year! As for me, I spent most of it in bed watching bad movies. Probably some of you were more productive!

This guy seems to be very much so. Alexander Korzer – Robinson says about his work: “I make book sculptures / cut books by working through a book page by page, cutting around some of the illustrations
while removing others. In this way, I build my composition using only the images found in the book.”

And they look terrific! Also, you can get an idea what the book could be about within a few seconds.

There are lots of ways how you can make use of this piece of DIY “Hello I’m Lost in Space” furniture from Ash Nel.
Here are some,

but you can check out more of them here!
Very cleverly used between 4 walls as well as in urban spaces.

What else you can find in urban spaces these days are the following things:

“Mirror Fence” by Alison Shotz:

Funny Urban Art by Mentalgassi:

And creative Dentist Ads made by Cramer – Krasselt :

So do not forget to brush teeth every day twice this year either! That’s 730 times brushing!

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    Funny urban Art ))

    Thursday January 3rd, 2013 12:24 PM
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