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Hey jovotans!

Just here to pop in and make a good old middle of the week, jovoto team tumblr inspiration blog post!

I picked out a few things that I thought were clever, playful and created relationships within space and or location.

Hope you enjoy!

First we have, Skin 2 to by artist Mehmet Ali Uysal. Great way to use the surroundings to create a stronger relationship with the sculpture.

Now there’s this! I just love the use of ordinarily, unused spaces. Let’s all make an effort to make all the ugly stuff around our cities and towns more interesting!

Dutch designer Roeland Otten uses different technics like photo prints or mosaic tiles to replicate and or distort the surroundings in order to cover up ugly “eyesores”.

The aesthetic of Michael Johansson’s work caught my eye, and I think it’s worth checking out! Take a look at more of his work here!

Now we come to a bit bigger piece, made by CUAC Arquitectura and Sugarplatform to celebrate World Recycling Day, called, “Tetrabrik Pavilion” (or Hall of Briks).

And last but not least, talk about movement in space! A beautiful ballet of a birds known as a murmuration caught on film by Filmmaker Neels Castillon. Especially if you like nature documentaries, check this out!

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avatar Jess is Community Manger at jovoto, spending her time creating dialog and encourage ideas with the community. She is also responsible in assisting jovoto’s communication outreach and growth.


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    Ha ha. The work of Mehmet Ali Uysal I saw before. Elina too. And of course proud of the Dutch designer Roeland Otten :-)

    Thursday January 31st, 2013 11:53 PM
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    I specially like the tetrabrik pavillion, if you research a bit more about this project you will find a very clever way of manufacturing the different pieces. Great stuff Jess, thanks for sharing : )

    Friday February 1st, 2013 04:45 PM
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