New Upcoming Project: Create the Coworking Space of the Future!

Attention, attention – There is a new public project in the pipeline! The coworking space betahaus Berlin and DREISECHSNULL – the business client magazine of Telekom are asking you for ideas for the coworking space of the future. Starting on the 6th of February 2013 the aim of this project is to find feasible and innovative interior design concepts as well as items and furniture for coworking spaces, which can be realized within large companies as well as in coworking spaces all over the world.

What is this about?

The way we work together has tremendously changed within the past decade. High-quality value is no longer created in classic offices, it is created in different locations, at different times and in changing team constellations. This new type of work needs a new type of working space. betahaus is an example of how the future of work could look. Since 2008 they work on adapting space and processes to what the creative workforce of the future needs. Core elements are flexible spaces, which offer cooperative and attractive working enviroments as well as a vivid entrepreneurial culture and a strong community.

Your task is now to come up with functional and innovative items and concepts, which make the co-working environment even more essential for its users. Your concept can relate to the subjects of space, time, networking and flexibility. Innovative overall concepts are required!

The betahaus is highly experienced in planning and steering coworking communities. To be able to offer an equivalent enviroment concering architecture, furniture design and IT-infrastructure they teamed up with DREISECHSNULL.

The jury?

The project will be supervised by a very multidisciplinary jury:

  • Tonia Welter, AD and Co-Founder at betahaus Berlin
  • Fabian Hemmert, PhD Student at the Design Research Lab, in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
  • Carsten Foertsch, Co-Founder of Deskwanted and Chief Editor of
  • Christine Böhme, Telekom Deutschland; Redaktion DREISECHSNULL
  • Kim Wang, Architect and Interior Designer of office landscapes

What about prize money?

If there is a jury there have to be jury prizes. In this project the jury will award 3 jury prizes winners à 1.000,- EUR.  The community price money is 7.000,- EUR.

Let’s get started! Looking forward to it!

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avatar Britta is the link between sales, creative strategy and community management. As project manager she undertakes the strategic preparation of projects and supports the development process of the creative task as well as the analysis of the project results.

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