This is jovoto in a nutshell:

jovoto introduces great brands and non-profits to the platform and helps them shape an interesting Creative Contest. Sometimes we launch our own Contest, just for fun. The best concepts in each Contest win Community Prize Money, distributed by the community to the community. Contest initiators choose THEIR favorite and license the concept in agreement with you, the author. Fair handling of rights is important to us.

jovoto layer model: Start now and move on with Karma.


Sign up immediately and participate at Public Contests. Submit ideas, rate and comment – you collect Karma. If you like it, if your work is convincing, and you’ve proven your community spirit, you’ll be invited to Private Contests. You can apply to speed things up. Wow – you’re still around, land one great idea after the other – your Karma is just way up there? Have a little patience, and we have more opportunities coming your way.