Tumblr #14

Huuhh, has it really been 3 weeks since our last tumblr post? Promise we’ll be better in the future!

Not really up for a theme and design-wise completely off track, I’ll just show you some animal love this week.

Gotta love this hairstyle

First of all there’s Shrek, the New Zealandian national icon that ran away and hid in caves for 6 years to avoid this very unwanted haircut. After he was found, his shearing became a national TV event and from that date on he experienced a steep career as a socialite attending every charity event you can imagine. Shrek had to be put down on June 6th due to a long illness, but it still has me grieving – he simply was some kind of a cool cat! Just look at this 60 pound fleece hairstyle – who else could pull that off but Shrek?


Puppy Love

Next one is a canine pairing software. Very clever project by Pedigree that helps you find the perfect (as in same looking) puppy. Try it out, but be warned – it’s highly addictive, some of us spend sleepless night trying out countless pics until they finally found a puppy that satisfied their vanity.


Deers and their thing with marshmallows

And this one just for the the coolness of its design. Who knew deers would go for marshmallows. Well, now you know. Guess we all learned something today.


There was actually some product design awesomeness this week, too. So if you want to see some “higher” end stuff instead of this week’s nonsense, just follow us on our tumblr!

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