Press Coverage

jovoto, along with our clients and creative community members, have been covered in leading global publications.

huffPostLogo 09 Dezember 2011

“In this special year-end collaboration, TED and The Huffington Post are excited to count down 18 great ideas of 2011 (…). We launched the LifeEdited project last year because we believe the story of humankind needs a good edit (…). To find the best way of working these principles into the apartment, we partnered with the crowd-sourcing platform Jovoto and marketing firm Mutopo to launch a competition to design the space.”

huffPostLogo Nov 2011

“The $300 House Design Competition aims to provide affordable and sustainable housing for the world’s poor (…). Entries came from around the world, from top-notch designers, architects, students and other professionals. The contest was hosted by the online contest platform”

huffPostLogo 7 June 2011

“… Garden Goes Balcony, a design contest inviting new or established designers to submit fresh ideas for creative balcony spaces.”

ForresterLogo 07 Sept 2011

In: Doug William‘s Blog ‘Forrester Wave: Co-Creation Contest Vendors, Q3 2001‘: “In this Wave report, we evaluated the following vendors: ChallengePost (New York City), eYeka (Paris), Hyve (Munich), jovoto (Berlin/New York City), Napkin Labs (Boulder, Colorado) and Redesignme (Eindhoven, The Netherlands). As in other Wave reports, we assessed each vendor’s current offering, strategy, and market presence across 34 criteria. We were struck by how well each vendor performed, despite the fact that each has its own strengths and weaknesses.”

huffPostLogo 10 Sep 2010

“Graham Hill discussed Life Edited, his latest project to develop an ultra low impact apartment space with the help of jovoto and designers and architects around the world.”

NYTLogo 17 June 2010

“This has been a huge opportunity for Starbucks to do product development and market research through the voice of our customers,” said Jim Hanna, director for environmental impact at Starbucks.

cnet_2 17 June 2010

“It turns out that the winner of the Starbucks-sponsored Betacup Challenge […], isn’t a cup at all. Rather, it’s a chalkboard..”

core77_3 17 June 2010

“Presenting the Winners of the Betacup Design Competition!”

treehugger 17 June 2010

“A lot of people had doubts about the Betacup Challenge […]. There are perfectly good solutions out there right now…”

fastcompany 16 March 2010

“Starbucks has agreed to sponsor Betacup’s contest to redesign the coffee cup. […] The goal: reduce the number of cups tossed into landfills.”