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We use crowdstorming to bring you fresh ideas.

Our world is spinning faster and faster. This forces organizations to accelerate their innovation cycles - traditional innovation methods are too rigid or slow and often fail to deliver the desired results. This is why we invented Crowdstorming – a radical new way to accelerate innovation by flexibly working with thousands of creative professionals outside your own organization. Key reasons for Crowdstorming to be an inherent part of every innovator’s tool box:

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Talent at your fingertips

Solve your challenges with thousands of creative professionals. Crowdstorms are a cost efficient way to access a vast amount of external talent right when you need it.

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The art of the possible

Having a grand pool of talent work on your challenge will get you a broad screening of all kinds of possible solutions. It not only leads to fresh perspectives and new ideas, but also generates the overview you need to make well-informed decisions.

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Drive better results

Happy talent delivers better results. Crowdstorms are based on an open call, so taking part is a pro-active decision. The freedom to participate speaks to intrinsic motivation that in return leads to better outcomes.

  • Victorinox crowdstormed their best selling Limited Edition knives on jovoto

    Year by year the jovoto community crowdstorms 1000+ designs for the annual Limited Edition of the iconic Swiss army knife. The open creative process does not only deliver stunning designs but also evaluates which designs are the most desired ones. This way the Crowdstorm allows Victorinox to make more informed decisions.

    See this projectHero   victorinox
  • Coca-Cola crowdstormed the future of the Coke crate on jovoto

    Set-up as a broad public conversation Coke involved our community of creatives to envision a future design for the Coke crate – a design which convinces by functionality and sustainability. During the design challenge millions of people engaged into the conversation to discuss and share the best concepts.

    See this projectCola
  • Life Edited crowdstormed smart interior design solution for tiny spaces

    As one of the first Crowdstorms in architecture the Life Edition challenge on jovoto set the bar exceptionally high. Not only did hundreds of incredible concepts reimagine tiny spaces but the quality and high grade of detail directly led to the implementation which today can be visited in SoHo, NYC.

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  • Audi worked with the best in the private project mode on jovoto

    Only a small share of our projects are organized in public mode but these are the ones we are known for. Most of our clients, like Audi prefer a closed, much more private mode to crowdstorm with the best talents on jovoto – if needed under NDA. Private projects do not create awareness like public projects but they are faster and come at a lower price.

  • Greenpeace crowdstormed campaigning ideas to save the arctic on jovoto

    As one of the many projects the jovoto community solved for Greenpeace so far this assignment lead to an extremely broad spectrum of ideas. Given that the jovoto community loves most tasks that make meaning it is no wonder to see the results of the Crowdstorm exceeding Greenpeace`s expectations by far.

    See this projectHero greenpeace
  • Bonaverde turned a crowdstorm into a crowdfunding success story.

    How well a Crowdstorm can find the most desired design for a complex product has been experiences by Bonaverde. The crowdstormed design our community came up with led to outperforming the funding goal (10x) on Kickstarter. A best practice case showing that Crowdstorms not only deliver great results but valuable insights, too.

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  • Total crowdstormed the gas station of the future via jovoto

    What will the gas station of the future be like, how will it look and feel, which services will a gas station offer? These and many other aspects were at the core of a typical jovoto project. Why typical – Our Crowdstorms frequently travel into the future and address complex challenges.

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  • Jever crowdstormed a Harley Davidson motorcycle design on jovoto

    Once a year, Jever customizes three Harley Davidsons bikes and takes them on a promotional tour. In 2014 Jever decided to evolve the design process into the internet and have our community design the Harley of their dreams. Finally Jever`s Facebook fans engaged and selected the winning design which then was build.

    See this projectHero   jever

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