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Why Crowdstorming?

Our world is spinning faster and faster. This forces organizations to accelerate their innovation cycles - traditional innovation methods are too rigid or slow and often fail to deliver the desired results. This is why we invented Crowdstorming – a radical new way to accelerate innovation by working with thousands of creative professionals outside your own organization. Key reasons for Crowdstorming to be an inherent part of every innovator’s tool box:


Talent at your fingertips

Think solving your challenges not with a few but with thousands of creative professionals. Crowdstorms are a cost efficient way to access a vast amount of external talent right when you need it.


The Art of the Possible

Having a grand pool of talent work on your challenge will get you a broad screening of all kinds of possible solutions. It not only leads to fresh perspectives and new ideas, but also generates the overview you need to make well-informed decisions.


Drive Better Results

Happy talent delivers better results. Crowdstorms are based on an open call, so taking part is a pro-active decision. The freedom to participate speaks to intrinsic motivation that in return leads to better outcomes.

Success Stories


With far over 200 project references jovoto has successfully established itself as a market leader in the creative crowdsourcing segment since its market launch at the end of 2007.


Victorinox2012 - The most successful Limited Design Edition to date

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KÜHNE - from crowdstorm to supermarket

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High-quality interior design through crowdstorming

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