Join the 80 000+ creatives on jovoto.
Join the 80 000+ creatives on jovoto.

Pick a challenge

On jovoto, you can find exciting creative challenges from global brands and NGOs. Here are the categories:

    • Product design
    • Textile design
    • Architecture
    • Packaging design
    • Illustration
    • Service design
    • Video

and more!

Submit your ideas

Once you’ve submitted your idea, watch as feedback from the other creatives starts to roll in, so you can continue to make your great idea even greater! See another idea that you think you could help make better? Connect with the idea owner, and start collaborating.

jovoto is a platform where you can expect to:

  • Get feedback
  • Develop your skills
  • Collaborate with others
  • Build your portfolio

Eduard_B earned 3.900€ in a product design challenge for Jever.

Get awarded

Outstanding ideas can win solid prize money, get licensed by the client, and become realized. We’ve already given our creatives over €5 Million Euros, and counting.
Here are some of the prizes up for grabs:

  • Client’s or jury’s choice
  • Community’s choice
  • Best Team Award

and many more!

Eduard_B earned 3.900€ in a product design challenge for Jever.

Climb the ladder

If you are a professional creative or have proved that you can do great work, we will invite you to participate in exclusive projects on jovoto.

Here you can:

  • Access even more projects, include invite-only projects with guaranteed payment
  • Continue to develop your portfolio
  • Work on more specialized tasks
to create your own success story

What our community says about us


“I love being a part of such a diverse community, and collaborating with people from around the world is a really rewarding experience”

Miriam Spann, Spain (joined jovoto in 2011)


“Working on jovoto has helped me become a better creative and to co-finance my studies”

Alex Suchy, Germany (joined jovoto in 2009)


“jovoto is much more fair than other crowdsourcing platforms, and the best part is the freedom to work on the tasks you want.”

Jorge Garcia, Mexico (joined jovoto in 2010)

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Check out our FAQs

When you submit an idea on jovoto, you always remain the owner of the rights to your idea.

At jovoto we reward not only great ideas, but supportive community behavior too. There are many prizes you can win, such as: the multiple Community Prizes in each project, Feedback Awards, Collaboration Awards and the Client’s Choice. Click here to read more about each prize and what you can do to start winning.

Prize money varies based on task and client, but what we can tell you:
The most a creative has earned with one winning idea: €11 000
The average amount a creative earns with a winning idea: €500
The least a creative has earned with one winning idea: €200

If your idea is licensed by a client, the average you earn is: €2000

jovoto is ranked #1 fairest crowdworking platform because we pay out more cash prizes per creative, than any other platform. Our motto is: The more creatives rewarded for their work, the fairer. Therefore we don’t only award one idea, but the top 10-20 best ideas.

As well as rewarding great ideas, Feedback and collaboration is part of the jovoto DNA. It’s a natural part of the creative process and attitudes that we encourage and reward with cash. This creates a unique, competitive yet constructive multifaceted community.

The client and the community. The client decides whose idea gets licensed. But at jovoto, we also want to empower you, the community, to have your say. This means you can rate ideas and influence who wins the Community Prizes.

There are three ways of working on jovoto. Public, Private and Flex project. Public projects are open to anyone. Private projects are only for jovoto professional creatives, to work on more complicated tasks with a smaller amount of creatives. Flex projects are an opportunity for established jovoto top creative to work in an exclusive group for a guaranteed payment.

Yes, here are some examples: Victorinox Limited Edition Knife 2016, LifeEdited, Greenpeace.

Once you have won a prize, all you need to do is make sure your payment info is filled out in your profile and the money will be automatically transferred usually within 2 weeks. No invoices needed and jovoto does not take a percentage of your payment.

Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

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