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We are a digital community of designers, innovators, and creators. We work collaboratively, across the boundaries of design disciplines.

Our values influence the work we do, and the impact we aim to achieve.

Innovative solutions for every industry

1000+ designs and illustrations

for the famous swiss pocket knife

Tangible user experience benefits

for the future packaging solutions

Innovative cosmetic products

for Generation Z

Finding a logo for Germany

for the country's bid to host UEFA 2024

Creative communication ideas

to increase awareness of eBay Plus

Digital service innovations

to extend and augment customer experience

Eye-catching communication ideas

to disrupt POS activation

Generating product solutions

for an entirely new market

Re-defining the established rules

with a striking limited edition design

Exploring the next generation of products

for an entire food category

Limited edition concepts

to increase POS performance

Utilising the potential of 3D printing

to personalize the VW I.D. Buzz

Augmenting the driving experience

for families and business travelers alike

Exploring the potential of gamification

for "Mercedes Me"

Perfecting sales processes

for a CX to fall in love with

Fueling a product launch

with creative communication ideas

Future service scenarios

for millennial customers

Engaging communication ideas

for urban places and spaces

User-centric health service solutions

for next generation health insurance

Exploring the next generation

of ATMs

Effectivly promoting benefits

to secure customers

Creative campaigning ideas

to Save the Arctic

Boosting fundraising potential

with effective merchandise designs

Engaging campaigning concepts

to promote sustainable fishing

Unmasking the corrupt

with strong communication concepts

Reducing carbon footprint

with innovative products for Indian farmers

Next generation kitchen

exploring potential appliances and services

Innovating the headphone experience

for people going places

Future energy scenarios

and off the grid thinking

User Experience concepts

for the next generation of windows

Designing future product lines

for professional craftspeople

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