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Heads up Jovotans,

Due to some downtime of our blog back-end we haven’t been posting as much as your used from us, but we’re back again! To give you some additional inspiration for our kick-ass Immobilienscout24 contest i looked up some cool and unconventional HR campaigns.


There are better ways to make career.

Afbeelding 11

“To get the most talented DTPer (studio designer) in a highly competitive market where it’s hard to stand out among all the job vacancy ads in this sector and ad agency came up with this fake adobe box. A special courier delivered the packages. Each package contained a DVD and guidebook. The DVD describes the marketing agency and the current vacancy. They delivered 70 boxes, but received over 100 applications.



Put your skills to better use

Behind these mysterious billboards was google. The answer to this question is a number, and if you type this number into your browser you are redirected a google website. But wait, that’s not it. On this website there was a second problem you needed to solve to finally access a special recruitment page. Google often uses this sort of methods to filter out the noise from the loads of applications they receive.



So do you have a great idea for the immobilienscout24 contest? Have a look at the ideas here, and check out the briefing here!

Jeroen van Boxtel
Jeroen van Boxtel

Jeroen von Boxtel is a Community Manager at jovoto.