Update: Matias & jovotans around the world!


Dear jovotan Universe,

We’ve got another awesome update from our friend Matias, who as you remember is the proud winner of the For Glory project with his idea My view of the world . Rather than taking the first prize of a plane fare to visit the jovoto HQs in Berlin, he exchanged it for cash value to put towards his dream of a world trip. Here’s the blog post with all the info and the awesome trip outline & thank you video he made for us!

Since then, he’s been traveling along his route and sending us updates like this one, when he met jovoto creative, Rajeev in his native India.

Matias has been busy, so today we’ve got snapshots with 3 new jovoto creatives!

Here we go with Suyani in Palma de Mallorca, Spain:


Jeresmash in Barcelona, Spain:


and Joanaf in Lisbon, Portugal:


And the exciting news is, he’s headed towards Berlin and the jovoto HQs! We’ll definitely post pictures and give you and update when he arrives.

If any of you jovotans out there (in Europe) are up for a chat & a snapshot or a beer, now’s the time to get in touch with Matias!

Thanks Matias, it’s a pleasure to follow up on you and your world trip!


Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.



    So nice to see all of you guys!! And so hard not to put on my backpack … right now…and ….
    See you soon in Germany dear Matias! Thanks for the pictures, they’re great!

    so much fun and a very lovely meeting with you guys. so heartful and sweet. thank you so much for visiting us at villa vegana <3 cheers suyani

    yes it was a wonderful experience you are a wonderful couple and you’re top though I prefer you without the camera ;-))

    ey beautiful people!
    It was a huge pleasure to meet you all!
    I must say thanks again to you and Jovoto for all this great and unique experience!
    thanks and see you!