Best Feedback Award – First Winners



Dear jovotans,

Two and a half months ago we announced the introduction of a new prize on jovoto: Best Feedback. We shared with you the basics of the prize and we gave you seven super-tips on how to give great feedback on ideas. Since then, we have given away two Best Feedback prizes.

Want to get inspired and soon take home your own Best Feedback award? Then check out our first two Best Feedback winners and here’s how they did it:

Kakel – Best Feedback Winner in jovoto’s “Crowdstorm to Inspire” challenge


Kakel won because she is Canadian and all Canadians are so nice and clever. We are kidding, although our Canadian colleague (Liz) is very cool. Well, Kakel won thanks to being in the top 5 most highly rated comments in this project, and because her comments sounded like this:

“Great concept! Crowdsourcing really resembles a puzzle, putting all the right pieces together to create a bigger picture, something great! I think it would be cool if behind the pieces (the green part) there were faces of people to represent each person that contributes to the greater idea! What do you think? I think it would add a sense of team effort even more :)”

(read comment here)

“Nice diagram!!! The concept of people from around the world participating is very well illustrated, I think I would have liked to see a little bit more the sense that all the ideas are different and lead to something bigger by maybe using different colors to represent each person :)”

(read comment here)

Grico – Best Feedback Winner in our first textile challenge “Artificial Garden


Grico won the Feedback Award thanks to being the top helpful feedback giver in the project. He’s someone to take inspiration from with his great style of feedback giving, a compliment combined with with a helpful suggestion. Check him out in action here:

“What I like here is that you can see the application of paint! I would take this basic painting do it in photoshop, duplicate it several times, cut parts and experiment with the layers than! multiply and so on…”

(read comment here)

“I can imagine this as a good ground, maybe try to add a second layer, which is not mirrored, could be improve the overall design, good luck!”

(read comment here)

We don’t know for sure if they are natural talents in giving constructive, yet challenging feedback, or if they are simply really good at implementing our tips, but Kakel and Grico nailed it. However, we are sure there’s more to giving great feedback and we are looking forward to be surprised by you.

Giving great feedback feels good and getting to win something might feel even better. But what really feels great is appreciating helpful feedback. So, if you excitingly upload a new idea or update, and a fellow jovotan helps you take it to the next level with a super smart comment, don’t forget to click the “helpful” icon “^” next to the comment. It is the smallest gesture that you can give back and you might even help him/her win something.

By giving helpful feedback yourself, you do not not only get to win a prize, but you also become better at evaluating ideas and at improving them. So, you do not only become a better communicator, but a better creator yourself.

We hope that you found this inspiring. Now that you feel more empowered with your words, you can try your new skills in our “Chinoiserie–Chic” second textile challenge and win a Best Feedback award.

Jess and I want to thank Kakel and Grico for making our projects more fun and constructive places. You guys rock!

See you on jovoto,






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