Introducing Industry-Best Trend Forecasting For Orbiters



Hey there Orbiters,

We’ve got some very exciting news for you. We’ve been really impressed with the standard of creativity you’ve been showing in the Textile Orbit and we recognise all the hard work you’re putting in. Therefore we have been working hard to make this happen and today we can finally announce that you will receive monthly exclusive access to top trend forecasting reports!

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Promostyl is a leading international trend research and design agency. Founded in 1966, with HQ based in paris and subsidiaries in NYC, Tokyo and China, the Promostyl team is a global network of multi-cultural, multi- facetted professionals (marketing, art- directors, stylists, designers…) that offers a global view of trends, fashion and design. We are super excited to be able to offer our Textile Orbit community access to their monthly trend forecasts!

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Starting on September 11th 2015, anyone who’s submitted designs in the previous months Textile Orbit project will receive a 10-12 page trend direction forecast that includes all of the most up to date information on styles, trends, colours and textures.


Each report will include a general overview of the influences for the 2016 season and:

– Seasonal Mapping
– Theme introduction with key influences
– Concept mood board
– Color harmonies, prints, textures
– Proposition of concepts and applications to women’s sector

Promostyl analyses sociocultural evolutions, design, color trends and all sectors of the textile industry, so this amazing resource should serve as a useful tool to help you develop as a textile designer both within the Textile Orbit and outside it. So if you submit designs in the “Work in progress” (still 12 days to go!) brief you can expect the first edition in your mailbox on the 11th of September!

Not in the Textile Orbit? Apply here! (If you are not a member of jovoto yet you need to sign up first and remember to also verify your ID).

Thanks for all your amazing work so far guys- and we hope this will help you develop even further as a textile designer!





Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.



    That’s an awesome collaboration!


    what a brilliantly inspiring reward and idea – thank you Jovoto

    Yes, we’re so glad you think so! You’ve very welcome 🙂

    Hi Jess
    I this this is awesome and I verified my I.D. days ago so I could apply. I’ve been trying for several days but I think something is broken on the site. I keep getting an error: “Sorry, something went wrong. We’ve been notified etc …”

    Thank you Jess ! That will be quite helpful !

    Hi Diane, I have looked in to your profile and it should be solved now! Sorry for any inconvenience!



    ***Wow..great news & thanks for all your hard work too, dear jovoto-team!

    Love it, thanks Jess and Olof !

    I am confused I thought I had been invited but now I am not so sure, please let me know

    I look forward to connecting!

    its soooooo interesting! thx!

    Hi Jess, I just got invited to TO and plan on joining the current project. Will I get an access to the trend forecast report? Thx

    Hey sony, jess is not available right now, but yes, once you’re in the Orbit you will get the monthly trend forecasting and though the most recent one was already sent we will get that to you once you join 🙂