Client’s Choice Winners: Unmask the Corrupt

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Dear jovotans,

Unmask The Corrupt” was the second Crowdstorm run with you on jovoto by Transparency International. The submission period ended on January 21rst, 2016, with 52 ideas, and Transparency International is very happy and impressed with this year’s submissions as well.

Here’s their ‘thank you’ video to you:

Transparency International Says Hello from jovoto on Vimeo.

And here are the (not two) but four ideas that will be licensed by Transparency International:

The Whole World Against Corruption by maidse & Ansku

“Somebody will send the first red card to FIFA, post a photo or upload a video on youtube. She/he will nominate via social media friends to do the same. It works like a chain, it is important to reach as many countries.”



#timeforjustice by Una

Money symbolizes greed and corruption. A transparent briefcase full of forged money will be placed at highly frequented locations.”



Lilliputians by voinealex

“The idea uses an analogy to the way Lilliputians stopped Gulliver, an image most people instantly know.”


Put Them in Evidence by Maria Galvez & ValentinaMDC

“Life sized cardboard cutouts and masks to put the corrupt in evidence.”



Unavoinealex and team Maria Galvez & ValentinaMDC each also took home a Community Award. Double congratulations to you!

A big bold thank you to everyone who has participated with their ideas, votes and feedback. We cannot wait to see these campaigns against corruption coming soon to life.

All the best from Berlin,