5 expert tips for writing a creative brief

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When it comes to crowdsourcing for innovation, there’s no doubting the advantage of many minds coming together to creatively solve your challenge, but how does one write an epic creative brief?

You want to generate the highest amount of interest, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are our top five tips on writing a creative brief that garners interest but also affords enough freedom for creativity. Twitter

Investing time and effort in the brief will yield the best results, since changes along the way are never a good idea as you can lose investment and excitement from the creatives.

Keep it concise

A creative brief need not be longer than a single A4 page, which means you have to define the core problem precisely before you begin setting out the parameters of the task. Less is more when it comes to keeping the attention of the crowd.

Make it about the crowd

The best creative results come when crowds relate personally to a project. It’s key then that you encourage reflection as ideally you want participants to reflect on the application of their solution in their own lives (including as consumers).

Set the stage

Remember participants may know nothing about you. Introduce your company in a way that gives them insight into your product and brand as well as giving them the context of the problem.

Language counts

Choose terms that are motivational without stepping across the line into advertising your product. It is also important to bear in mind how international a crowd can be, avoid jargon and make sure you use simple language that can be understood globally.

Promote your brand

Often creatives value the recognition as much as the monetary incentives. If you have a familiar brand logo, consider using it. If you prefer not to or your brand isn’t widely recognized yet, take time to consider alluring imagery that will attract creatives to engage with your project.

Bonus Tip

If you’re running a crowdsourcing contest, like a jovoto Crowdstorm, the brief itself can become a media tool. If the public picks up on the fact your company is addressing an interesting challenge, the positive press always gives our project a boost: hello brilliant ideas AND increased media value! Twitter This is all the more reason to invest the time in developing the perfect brief.

At jovoto we have a dedicated team of creative strategists that help clients to not only conceptualize, but also formulate their challenges to get the best response from our global crowd of 80 000 professional creatives. Why not contact us for a free consultation and apply these expert tips to writing your first creative brief on jovoto in no time!

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