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Audi is known for its state-of-the-art engineering and premium automobiles. The future of mobility is changing rapidly, with driverless cars, car- and ride-sharing ever on the rise. This means that even the best automobile manufacturers need to start building capacity around value-added services, like driving software, in-car entertainment, peer-to-peer vehicle communications, and more.

As always ahead of the curve, Audi has been working on just that. Their new backseat entertainment solution, Mobile III, wirelessly connects to the car’s audio system, allowing backseat passengers to access entertainment and communications tools through a special touchscreen interface. With this new system designed and in place, the only thing missing was a compelling way to communicate the value-add technology to the public. Audi challenged the jovoto creative community to design a visual campaign that used storytelling techniques and catchy language.

“The automotive industry needs to identify and exploit the value-added streams of the future – that includes platforms.”

– Prof. Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management, Audi

The five-week global project was a private crowdstorm, open only to the top 10% of jovoto’s talent pool. The participating creative professionals additionally signed a nondisclosure agreement to protect the secrecy of the campaign pre-launch. A total of €8 000 was awarded as prize money— two client’s choice awards and eight community-driven prizes.

The winning ideas are sophisticatedly humorous and people-centric. They emphasize the backseat passenger’s powers of customization and choice that come with the Mobile III system. The two client’s choice winners were licenced and eventually combined into a single campaign, which blended the best elements of both ideas. The campaign launched in spring 2016.

Download the case study to discover more about the campaign Audi launched in spring 2016.

“Revolution on the back seat” was one of the winning pitches licenced by Audi. The campaign focuses on selfie-style images of happy passengers in the backseat. Peppered with recognizable digital icons— video buttons, game stats, and other familiar wingdings of connectivity, the campaign emphasizes the user-centricity of the mobile backseat system. Showing kids “in their element,” stocked up with games, connectivity, and entertainment, the campaign re-frames the backseat experience as more of a kid-centric arcade than the logistical chore it’s traditionally thought of as.

“Entertainment & more” was the second winning pitch licenced by Audi. This one puts the focus on the system’s wide range of entertainment options available— from browsing the web to movies, games, and beyond. The campaign works as a series, with an iconic and memorable repeating image of the touchscreen device itself as seen from the backseat. Each permutation of the ad shows a different entertainment option within that familiar Mobile III frame— keeping the emphasis on user choice, variety, customizability, and the joy of entertainment itself. Various slogans also put the spotlight on customization, such as Laden Sie Ihre Kinder ins Autokino ein (invite your children to the car cinema) and Jump & Run, Bordunterhaltung auf neuem Level (Jump & run, inflight entertainment on a new level).

Learn more about how Audi harnessed the power of the crowd by reading the full case study here.


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