The benefits of coworking spaces and organizations teaming up

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Coworking spaces have long been synonymous with freelancers and startups – their low rents and casual environments blend well with a “manage yourself” attitude. However, they have proven to offer much more to workers than meets the eye, which begs the question: what are the benefits of coworking spaces and organizations coming together? Twitter

Coworking spaces are the perfect marriage between old and new – they feature all the amenities of the traditional workplace, like wi-fi, seating, break rooms, kitchens, and conference rooms, but function under looser constructs. Many are ahead of the game when it comes to innovative tech and design, and they’re essential to the work-life flexibility policies getting introduced to today’s workplace cultures, like remote working.

And the benefits go even deeper, with members of coworking spaces reporting that they find their work to be more meaningful, have more control over their work-life, and have a better sense of belonging within their community.

While they’re nothing new – they’ve been around since 2005, over 10 years now – they’re still one of the more forward-thinking concepts of the future of work. Coworking spaces and organizations linking up is a natural next step.

ForeWork partner Coworkies is a people first coworking directory that helps members of coworking spaces expand their glocal networks (both locally and globally). The platform provides a way to connect with other coworking spaces and like-minded people, share knowledge, find new job opportunities, and stay updated on networking events and workshops.

We asked Pauline Roussel, Coworkies CEO and Community Manager as well as Rainmaking Loft Berlin General Manager, to touch upon those topics and offer her take on coworking spaces and organizations, the future of work, and more:

Coworking spaces and organizations

Key takeaway: Organizations are bringing a new angle to coworking spaces, and they can really benefit from their fast pace and innovation. Twitter

Going glocal

Key takeaway: Coworking spaces can be a great way to go glocal, and connect with people and spaces on both a local and global scale. Twitter

Focusing on design

Key takeaway: Coworking spaces are really focused on people’s well-being. Some spaces allow workers to bring their children in while they work, while others invest in ergonomic office furniture, like standing desks and other Vitra pieces.

Building your network

Key takeaway: Coworking spaces have evolved very quickly through both technology and interior design. Coworkies focuses quite a bit on technology in particular so that people can work and connect with others wherever they wish. Twitter

On the future of work

Key takeaway: Coworking spaces allow for much easier collaboration, and it’s exciting to see where that could lead. How will coworking spaces continue to innovate space?

As they evolve together, both locally and globally, coworking spaces and organizations can continue to push collaboration and the future of work in innovative ways. To stay up to date on the ForeWork initiative and find out more about coworking spaces and their role in the future of work, sign up to our newsletter, sent straight to your inbox every two weeks.

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