Markus Albers Interview: Preparing for the future of work

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The question is no longer whether the future of work will happen, but when, and how companies can anticipate the changes to come has never mattered more. Now is the time for leaders to sift through what’s working from what’s not, and really pay attention to employee needs and the effectiveness of the company culture.

ForeWork partner Markus Albers has long been a part of the future of work conversation, and as the co-founder and managing partner of rethink, co-founder of Neuwork, and author of the bestselling book Morgen Komm Ich Später Rein (translated as Tomorrow I Can Come in Late), has examined the models, processes, and tech tools companies can apply to their environments. From bottom-up initiatives to the importance of shared company spaces, he offers his take on where leaders should focus their energy (and where to cast a more critical eye).  Twitter

Make change from the bottom up

Key takeaway: Your employees will be the ones impacted most by any changes made to office structures and policies. Let them voice their needs first, before taking action. Twitter

Infuse meaning in work

Key takeaway: It’s not about corporate values, but about human values. Find that sweet spot where your employees’ desires and the company’s mission meet.

Introduce better work-life flexibility policies

Key takeaway: Both new and old generations want to find a better balance between work and personal endeavors. Twitter

Value physical workspaces

Key takeaway: Flexibility and remote working are great, but a physical workspace where colleagues can meet to exchange ideas and learn from each other is still definitely worth maintaining. 

Want to keep Markus Albers’ key points always at hand? Download this handy guide outlining all the ways companies can prepare for the future of work. Twitter

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