What is the future of food and beverages?


Future of Food & Beverages Think Tank

jovoto and partner Ignore Gravity have launched the world’s first think tank that brings together food and beverage innovators and entrepreneurs, global brands, and a global interdisciplinary crowd of 80 000 creatives to explore future scenarios beyond existing market studies, trend reports, and international R&D. Twitter

The think tank will launch tomorrow, April 27th at 5pm CEST with the first crowdstorm (a mass-collaborative, social brainstorming session hosted on jovoto.com) exploring the following question: How will digitalization impact how and what we eat in the future? Twitter

Programme Highlights
  • From April 27th, 2016 | Public Crowdstorm Series: The think tank will lead a large-scale public conversation spanning future of food & beverage themes from digital innovation, trends to products and services, and sustainability.
  • From May 2016 | Private Crowdstorm Series: Brands solve their own unique challenges in a closed format, with the opportunity to internalize outstanding concepts.
  • Ongoing 2016 | In-house Workshops: How can the multiple crowdstorm ideas and insights be applied to your specific brand, product, or service?
  • September 15th & 16th, 2016 | Innovation Journey & Master Story Exhibition: We will translate key learnings into future scenarios, and take Think Tank partners on a journey to discover how innovation is already being translated into action in Berlin. Hosted & curated by Ignore Gravity.
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For more information visit www.futureoffoodandbeverages.com Twitter

Join us at the Future of Food conference in Berlin on October 28, 2016 to explore exciting food and beverages industry innovations and developments! Buy Tickets here.


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Liz von Loewen

Liz grew up drinking maple syrup by the gallon and frolicking in wheat fields in her native Canada. In 2015, Liz moved to her 7th city in 5 countries in 6 years, settling in Berlin to join jovoto as Head of Marketing & PR.



    I also grew up on a farm in Maine where we collected maple sap in the spring and boiled it down to make Maple Syrup. I have been following the vertical and roof top gardening concepts but so far have not been convinced that they can be profitable after the grant money runs out. I believe areas of greatest benefit to the world population will be continued work on GMO so that more food can be produced with less pesticides for our growing world populations. Second will be automation in field planting and harvesting. Wishing you great success.

    Thanks Jim!