3 ideas shaping the future of food

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There’s been some buzz on the internet recently, proclaiming creativity as the currency of the future. Creative jobs are remaining the most valuable, with outstanding talent and great ideas at the core of every success story. Twitter

In food, it’s no different. To think outside of the box means to stand out in a crowd of tough competition in a fast-paced industry. That’s only possible by connecting with the next generation of game-changers.

Here are 3 ideas shaping the future of food from the jovoto community. Twitter

Meet Renzo Vallejo


An experience designer from Lima, Peru, Renzo is connecting people across borders, cultures, and tastes with “Homely”. Homely is an app that brings out the global chef in all of us, providing opportunities to both learn and teach cooking techniques in one-on-one sessions with other users. Skip your local sandwich joint and get back into the kitchen! Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet your foodie soul-mate.

View Renzo’s idea on jovoto.

Meet Anna-Maria Triantafyllidi

ideas shaping the future of food

A product designer from Athens, Greece, Anna-Maria thinks the future of food is about bringing tradition back into your garden. Her idea “Agreekculture” is a DIY kit for growing herbs from her homeland, complete with an app so you can share your experiences on social media or with the in-app community. Why greek herbs? According to Anna-Maria, Greek herbs are packed with health benefits – and this Guardian on how eating greek food your whole life leads to a longer life backs her up!

View Anna-Maria’s idea on jovoto.

Meet Per Zennstroem

ideas shaping the future of food

Berlin, Germany’s Per Zennstroem is a creative director, photographer, filmmaker, and a man of many inspiring ideas! One of which is his idea “So Food”, which tackles an important issue in the industry: Food waste. The app encourages you to share your leftovers with your neighbours, in other words, you get to kill three birds with one stone: connect with your neighbours, eat great food, and reduce food waste!

View Per’s idea on jovoto.

Discover more ideas and connect with disruptors!

Not only are we always crowdstorming fresh future of food ideas on the jovoto platform, but together with NGIN FOOD and ignore gravity, we are also gearing up to host a one-day event this October 28th, 2016, bringing together experts, innovators, creative disruptors, and leaders from the biggest brands in the food industry. Learn more here!

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