Introducing Insights: A new project format on jovoto

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Today, I am more than proud to share special news with you. The past few months have been an extraordinary ride and while our world has been turned upside down by COVID-19 the pandemic presented a unique opportunity to reflect our ways of working.

Together with my team at jovoto we reviewed hundreds of innovation projects which we consider the most successful cases to date in order to understand better how we can optimize our ways of working moving forward in the interest of our creative talent as well as our clients.

What we learned is that the most successful cases are set up as a hybrid following two objectives, firstly identifying strong insights while secondly as part of the process screening potential solutions as answers to the identified insights.

Often organized as co-creation projects these success cases enabled our clients to accelerate their search for the most relevant product marketing innovations at a fraction of the cost that are usually associated with first the research and then the creative exploration of innovations. But most importantly these projects resulted in more relevant innovations for consumers as we learned from concept tests which took place after we handed over the results.

Drawing these learnings we defined a new project format and way of working with our crowd of talents as a dedicated method to achieve both objectives (strong insights + solution screening) in an optimal way. By launching this new product we are able to extend our value chain while serving our client’s needs even better with an end to end solution that reduces the friction of having to coordinate multiple vendors in order to identify strong insights via sourcing great creative ideas to validating the best ideas from a consumer point of view.

Sometimes you are forced to take a step back and sometimes this allows you to reflect and understand what works for you and why it does. I hope many of you seized the chance to reflect and I am very interested in hearing back from you, which conclusions you have drawn and how these improved your ways of working.

I hope that we can leave COVID-19 behind quickly but I will proactively carve out more opportunities to reflect what works and why it does so.

Sincerely yours,
Bastian Unterberg
Founder / CEO of jovoto

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Liz von Loewen

Liz grew up drinking maple syrup by the gallon and frolicking in wheat fields in her native Canada. In 2015, Liz moved to her 7th city in 5 countries in 6 years, settling in Berlin to join jovoto as Head of Marketing & PR.