Introducing the company dashboard

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This week we’ve launched a new space for our partners on the jovoto platform!
Introducing, the company dashboard.

jovoto company dashboard

This new feature allows you to:

  • View all your jovoto projects, including those from other departments within your company
  • Access all ideas, and share ideas and campaigns with other colleagues

As always, we take confidentiality very seriously which is why the company dashboard is accessible only to those you wish to share it with.

“Our aim is to make your workflow more efficient. We understand that easy and fast sharing of information with your internal stakeholders is very important. The new compiled project overview will make it easier to share projects and ideas inside your entire organisation.” – Anne Arndt, Head of Product, jovoto

Stay tuned, we’ll be adding new features in the coming months to help clients fast-track their projects, speed up new project set-up, and enable you to browse and select talent to work with.

Gain access your company dashboard by sending a request to

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Liz von Loewen

Liz grew up drinking maple syrup by the gallon and frolicking in wheat fields in her native Canada. In 2015, Liz moved to her 7th city in 5 countries in 6 years, settling in Berlin to join jovoto as Head of Marketing & PR.