jovoto fairest (crowdworking platform) of them all

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? As per the FairCrowdWork Watch, jovoto is!

At jovoto we pride ourselves on not only delivering exceptional results for our clients, but fostering an environment that empowers creatives to come up with these unique ideas in the first place. Not only do we give them the freedom to work at anytime, from anywhere, but we also go the extra mile to make fair crowdworking conditions a reality. One of our founding  mottos after all is that happy talent delivers better resultsTweet: Happy talent delivers better results & they're @jovoto, rated fairest crowdworking platform by FairCrowdWork Watch:

We’re honored that our efforts have been recognized by the FairCrowdWork Watch – an initiative by IG Metall, Germany’s largest trade union – which has rated jovoto as the #1 platform for crowdworkers out of 36. Thanks to more flexibility, greater collaboration, legal infrastructure that protects them, better payouts, and inspiring projects, our creatives feel valued and respected – conditions that empower them to come up with the most innovative solutions.


More and more creative professionals are joining jovoto, contributing their unique ideas to solve your challenges. Currently on the platform we have over 80 000 registered creatives from 153 countries, giving brands & NGOs access to an unrivaled pool of talent. With 4.5 million Euros having already been paid out to creatives –  jovoto is already considered the most sustainable crowdworking platform by some of the world’s best creative freelancers.

But don’t just take our word for it, hear first-hand what makes innovators choose jovoto:

“[jovoto] is different from other platforms because it’s so easy to get involved and to become an important member of the community.” – Liliana Pérez, Colombia

“[jovoto] allows me to work with interesting clients and big brands, inspiring them to also denk (think) different.” – DENKdifferent, Germany

We’re not about to rest on our laurels though. At jovoto we are always striving to improve the user experience, for both sides of the coin, and keep leading the charge on the future of workTweet: Fair conditions key in the #futurofwork, and @jovoto is leading the charge, rated the fairest crowdworking platform:


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