Multichannel storytelling with Villeroy & Boch

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Collaboration can be child’s play – just ask Villeroy & Boch! The respected producers of premium ceramics crowdstormed a product line of tableware for kids on jovoto and ended up receiving a whole multichannel storytelling campaign in return.

“We never imagined that our call for product design ideas would result in a whole product world – including a film series – that allows customers to immerse themselves in the Villeroy & Boch Kiddy Collection.” Twitter

– Ernst-Albrecht Klahn, Director Corporate Marketing, Villeroy & Boch

The gift-giving business is booming, and unique items for children are in high demand. Villeroy & Boch turned to jovoto to keep up with rapidly changing consumer behavior by leveraging ideas that attract new and younger customers. The top 10% of jovoto’s creative professionals participated in the 5-week global crowdstorm and created both entirely new product ranges and decorative designs for a set of predetermined items.

Multichannel Storytelling - Ambiente

The winning designs at the Ambiente Trade Show.

Villeroy & Boch realized and expanded on two ideas from the crowdstorm, “The Adventures of Chewy” and “Animal Friends”. Villeroy & Boch presented the new lines at the Ambiente Trade Show in Frankfurt in February 2016 and then officially launched them as part of their Kiddy Collection in summer 2016.

Multichannel Storytelling - Animal Friends

Animal Friends, original design by Oxelot (Mexico) and Corina Rosca (Romania)

“Animal Friends” injected an interactive ingredient with a design that revolves around putting a cute pig, panda, or monkey nose onto the face of the child when they take a sip.

“The Adventures of Chewy” created and depicted a brand mascot, Chewy the hamster, in various colorful escapades. The team at Villeroy & Boch were so inspired by Chewy’s adventures that the concept was then developed to add a female companion, Lily, and made into a series of videos that engage kids and their parents.

To learn more about how adding the crucial element of multichannel storytelling strengthened Villeroy & Boch’s brand identity and opened up additional customer engagement channels, download the free case study hereTwitter

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