Starbucks & the betacup challenge: Making coffee-to-go more sustainable

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Founded in 2009, the betacup challenge made it its mission to reduce paper cup waste. By creating a more convenient alternative to the reusable coffee cup, the waste of 58 billion non-recycled cups each year should be reduced. Starbucks – along with the design magazine Core77 and the agencies Denuo and Good Day Monsters –  joined the challenge as sponsors to make drinking coffee more sustainable.

“While we might have a few good ideas, lots of talented people drink coffee everyday and they might have thought about this problem too. So we came up with the betacup challenge as a way to get a lot more of us working on the problem.” – the betacup team

For this massive challenge, Starbucks built on the potential of collaboration to come up with innovative and practical solutions. That made jovoto the perfect partner for this challenge. With the 10-week Open project, “Drink Sustainably“, jovoto’s creative crowd was tasked to come up with solutions that are engaging and fun yet useful and relevant to eliminate paper cup consumption, causing behavioral change at scale.

Networked Loyalty” by joshbg2k

More than 1 600 creatives from all over the world took part in the project and submitted over 400 ideas. The span of ideas reached from a coffee mug sticker that rewards the consumer to coffee cups that are made  directly in the café out of coffee grounds.

Karma Cup” by Mira Holly

The “Karma Cup” by Mira Holly, staging a chalkboard reward system that is easily installed at any counter, received the jury award. Not only did Starbucks benefit from great and innovative ideas, but also from a rise of brand awareness through enormous social media engagement. Starbucks’ collaboration with jovoto’s global creative crowd brought the important message behind the betacup challenge to the masses!

To find out more about the awarded ideas and how Starbucks raised its brand awareness, download the free success story.

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