UNICEF holiday cards: Creativity for a good cause

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As 2016 winds down, we at jovoto are reflecting and looking back at successful year full of great crowdstorms. One crowdstorm we are especially proud to have held for the fourth year in the row – the UNICEF Holiday Cards crowdstorm.

An aid organization for children, UNICEF today remains committed to improving the living conditions of young people in over 150 countries. As part of their fundraising efforts, UNICEF Switzerland produces annual greeting cards for the December and New Year holiday season.

We are honoured that since 2013, UNICEF has collaborated with our creative community to come up with unique and inspiring greeting cards, with the winning designs being produced and retailed in Switzerland. To learn more about how crowdstorming designs on jovoto has helped UNICEF in its mission to advocate for the protection of children’s rights, download the free case study.

“I feel very inspired when working on a jovoto challenge. It’s especially inspiring as it’s a fun environment on the site with other creatives, genuine feedback, and great comments. On top of that, you get to see such wonderful submissions!”

– British designer Parmeet Arora Bori on her participation in the UNICEF 2016 crowdstorm

UNICEF Holiday Cards

The 2016 UNICEF Holiday Cards Winners

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