Swiss Federal Railways cocreates train station architecture with jovoto

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To predict future trends, the biggest Swiss transport company Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF FFS) collaborated with jovoto’s creative community to jumpstart innovation by redesigning their train station architecture. SBB challenged our creatives in June 2017 with a 4 week private project called See you on the platform. Conradin Sonnenberg, Director Creative Strategy at jovoto, shares in this interview about the collaboration, the new idea finding process on the jovoto platform, and its benefits for businesses.

Which challenges are the best match for the idea finding process on jovoto, and how did a collaboration with SBB to redesign their train station architecture get started?

Not only classic and product design challenges but also challenges about service design within a company are being solved on the platform more and more. The impact of new service concepts on the interior design of office buildings and public facilities is for example a challenge we create solutions for. SBB came to us with the desire to think beyond Switzerland and get input from all around the world. The challenge was exciting for us from the very beginning as it unites business and service design as well as architecture, interior design, and product design. Our community is trained in solving interdisciplinary challenges – that’s what made the collaboration with SBB organic.

What benefits does a platform-based innovation project offer companies and creatives?

One of the biggest challenges for companies is ”organizational blindness”. As professional and innovative own employees might be, at some point, everyone reaches their own creative boundaries. External creative input can help you overcome this challenge. Fresh ideas can spark a creative thought within a company that then can be implemented through previously-proven ways. For creatives, especially the international work environment and the possibility of collaborating with big brands and other creatives – and through that extend their own portfolio – is attractive. As our creatives can choose their projects themselves, which for the most part isn’t possible in agencies, their motivation increases. Many of the creatives purposely distance themselves from the classic employee situation and find on jovoto a flexible, collaborative working space.

New train station architecture design: SBB ROCKS by zaarchitects

Client’s choice award: SBB ROCKS by zaarchitects

What were the results of the SBB pilot project?

The challenge was to create train station architecture ideas that make being at Swiss rail stations more pleasant for travelers that use the station as a space of transit as well as for people that visit the station for its services. Creatives from 27 countries submitted over 50 ideas in which they included their personal experiences from different cultural backgrounds and specialties. The ideas ranged from flexible furniture systems to modular installations which adapt to the needs of individual rail stations. It was remarkably often suggested to include Swiss distinctive and regional uniqueness in the design of a specific rail station.

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