Swissness – business as usual?

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Tradition is a key value in Switzerland – a country where one of its cities, Zurich, is ranked as the 4th most valuable brand of the country, worth 7 554 million U.S. dollars. Nothing can harm the strong Swiss brand, which also happened to be the sentiment during the “Swissness oblige” event on March 5, 2015. Hosted by jovoto, 25 representatives of renowned Swiss companies gathered in the historic vaults of the former Basel Volksbank to discuss the importance of the brand “Swissness” for marketing.

But what if the reality is that the Swiss brand no longer exists as before? Historic Swiss brands such as Aromat, Toblerone, Ovomaltine, and Valser water have long been under foreign control.

How can companies be loyal to the Swiss tradition while remaining relevant in a modern, globalized market? Twitter Since “Swissness oblige”,  traditional Swiss brands like Läderach, Victorinox, Bio-Strath, and UNICEF Switzerland have put their trust in the innovative power of jovoto’s creative community – with more than convincing results.

Innovative accessories for portioning FrischSchoggi™

Läderach’s goal was to surprise customers who were already FrischSchoggi™ fans with an attractive and easy-to-use chocolate portioning accessory.
– Private project, in which the top 10% of creatives were invited to participate
110 ideas were submitted, of which Läderach chose one which is currently in the prototype phase

“The jovoto team stands behind your project with noticeable enthusiasm and strong commitment. In our collaboration, this not only inspired the ideas but particularly transferred to the crowd and the results of our task.” Andreas Tru?mpler, Marketing & Innovations Director

Design competition of the pocket knife special edition for the 4th year in a row

Victorinox continued its successful cooperation with jovoto in 2015 – the special editions designed on jovoto have to-date increased in sales by 70%!
– Public project where anyone – including Victorinox fans & jovoto creatives – could participate
1 022 ideas were submitted, of which 10 have been implemented and will appear on the market in May 2016

“Our crowdsourcing initiative in collaboration with jovoto for 2016 has again produced great results. The creative potential that could be tapped into through the cooperation with external designers, as well as communication activities via Facebook, were a complete success. jovoto has always accompanied and supported us very professionally.” Toni Haberthür, Global Head of Marketing & Sales

Modernization of the packaging design for “Strath Kräuterhefe”

BioStrath wanted to update and modernize the design of its flagship product “Strath Kräuterhefe”, while at the same time maintaining the already high recognition value of the package.
Invite-only project with five chosen creatives
14 submitted ideas; 143 comments
€400 compensation per creative

“Working with jovoto was a very inspiring experience for us; thanks to jovoto we could win many valuable suggestions for further development of our packaging designs within a short time. We also found exciting the speed of implementation and the number of participating creatives.” Alain Hospenthal, Head of Marketing & Sales

Fresh design ideas for Christmas and New Year greeting cards

For the 3rd year in a row, jovoto creatives delivered new ideas for the traditional holiday cards that are one of the main donation drivers for UNICEF.
– Public project, in which the public and jovoto creatives could participate
502 ideas were submitted, of which 22 were printed

“The global jovoto community supplies UNICEF Switzerland year after year with fresh designs for our online products. We so meet the tastes of the time and our customers, which positively affects donations.” Elsbeth Müller, Executive Director

Do you also want to be part of the modern Swiss future?

Our jovoto swiss guard, Luzius Rüedi and Conradin Sonnenberg, will provide you with a free consultation about the possibilities and potentials of jovoto Crowdstorms in ensuring that you are ready today for tomorrow.


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