Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017 – New era for the design contest

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4 961 Ideas with 108 777 comments and 2 234 286 pageviews are the result of Victorinox successfully designing its Classic Limited Edition on jovoto for the past five years. Victorinox is now embarking on a new chapter of its collaboration with jovoto. Three key changes mark the launch of the Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017 design crowdstorm for the iconic 58mm pocket knife: a dedicated theme, guidance from Berlin-based artist collective OLD YELLOW, and a creative hub. Twitter

Unifying theme to make 2017 the most successful limited edition yet

Unlike past editions, the Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017 has a theme: Animals of the World. Creative professionals are invited to choose an animal that they love, one that might be specific to their country or region, and transform it into a piece of art that fits on the small Victorinox pocket knife.

“Our design community lives all over the world, and we are excited to see their individual and artistic view on this year’s topic.” Twitter

– Patricia Lengen, Product Manager responsible for the Victorinox Classic Limited Edition

The theme will ensure the creation of a cohesive Classic Limited Edition 2017 that will make every design lover’s heart leap.

Creative guidance from renowned artist Ingo, OLD YELLOW

Ingo, Old Yellow, guides Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017

To create an eye-catching Classic Limited Edition 2017, Victorinox is partnering with the famous Berlin-based artist collective OLD YELLOW. Brands the studio has worked with over the last 15 years include Adidas, BMW, Coca-Cola, Telekom, and Universal Music.

“We work like a creative laboratory – always aiming to try out new techniques and stay experimental. We love our craft and the work process. It is a very special attraction and a challenge to implement something for a client. You can help and you are needed – that feels good.” Twitter

– Ingo from OLD YELLOW and Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017 creative guide

As creative guide, Ingo from OLD YELLOW will give participating creatives useful hints on how to improve their designs and elevate the Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017 to a new level.

Victorinox creative hub brings together global pool of creative professionals

The Victorinox creative hub is the brand’s home on jovoto, displaying all past projects and the current crowdstorm, as well as the most active creative professionals and highest-rated ideas.

“There is no such thing as ‘brand ownership’ anymore. Customers help shape and define brands and products. With creative hubs, we give brands a tool and a space to co-create with fans and employees as well as jovoto’s own creative community.” Twitter

– Anne Arndt, Head of Product, jovoto

Through the creative hub, Victorinox’s design community and jovoto’s crowd of 80 000 creative professionals from 153 countries have a common place to meet and collaborate.

The Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017 crowdstorm kicked off on August 16th, 2016 and will run for 6 weeks. Browse past editions and access the latest crowdstorm by visiting the Victorinox creative hub: Twitter

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