Introducing Insights: A new project format on jovoto

by Liz von Loewen on July 8th, 2020 0
CEO Bastian Unterberg shares his learnings after more than 100 successful co-creation projects. The most critical factor for sucess? Starting with insights.

Reflecting on jovoto’s ten-year journey: An open letter to our clients & community

by Bastian Unterberg on December 14th, 2017 0
2017 was the tenth year of jovoto’s journey to create a platform-based workspace that ignites passion and unleashes talent.

Bastian Unterberg a sports accelerator IeAD mentor

by Bastian Unterberg on March 22nd, 2017 0
Bastian Unterberg is proud to be a IeAD mentor. IeAD is a seed accelerator for innovative products, services, and business models in or related to sports.

Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017 – New era for the design contest

by Katharina Brendel on August 15th, 2016 0
Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017
The Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017 design contest launches with a dedicated theme, creative hub, and guidance from artist collective OLD YELLOW.

Introducing the company dashboard

by Liz von Loewen on June 21st, 2016 0
Introducing the new company dashboard. Now you can view all your jovoto projects, access all ideas, and share ideas and campaigns with other colleagues.

jovoto fairest (crowdworking platform) of them all

by Katharina Brendel on March 24th, 2016 0
Supporting our founding  motto that happy talent delivers better results, FairCrowdWork Watch has rated jovoto as the #1 fairest crowdworking platform.

Launching the jovoto Open Innovation Blog

by Katharina Brendel on March 10th, 2016 0
jovoto publishes original content on the open innovation landscape, distilling it into digestible pieces and actionable items.
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