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Knowledge & Know-how

Six habits of freelance designers that make it rain

by Katie Shelly on June 23rd, 2016 2
Here are a six solid tips on how to get paid well for doing what you love, collected from highly paid freelance designers around the world.
Knowledge & Know-how

The ultimate list of FREE design resources for creatives

by James Brooks on June 22nd, 2016 3
At jovoto we want to help creatives to be the best they can be. Because of that, we decided to put together some of the greatest free design resources.
Knowledge & Know-how

Major millennial trends shaping the future

by Jess on June 20th, 2016 0
Each social, cultural and industrial shift has a generation that evolves with it. And today, the generation that’s got all eyes on them are: Millennials.
Knowledge & Know-how

Using neuroscience to design great AI experiences

by Katie Shelly on June 14th, 2016 1
Without neuroscience-we wouldn’t even have Artificial Intelligence. Find out how to to use neuroscience to design great AI experiences
Knowledge & Know-how

5 Major trends shaping how and where we eat

by Veronica Fossa on June 8th, 2016 1
Here is how the 5 major trends shaping where & how we eat. Explore trends around the world, new restaurants, juicing & novel ways of eating and drinking.
Knowledge & Know-how

5 Great AI use cases you should know about

by Katie Shelly on June 6th, 2016 2
Artificial intelligence is booming and there are plenty of great examples out there. Here are five great AI use cases that will get you inspired.
Knowledge & Know-how

5 Major trends shaping what we eat

by Veronica Fossa on May 24th, 2016 2
Food is not only nutrition, it is also history, culture, geopolitics, technology, anthropology. Here are 5 major trends shaping what we eat.
Knowledge & Know-how

What Designers need to know about AI: A crash course

by Katie Shelly on May 19th, 2016 3
What does AI mean for designers? In order to answer that question, it’s important to first understand the general landscape of AI right now.
Knowledge & Know-how

7 Tips on giving great feedback for creatives

by Jess on May 13th, 2016 0

Being able to give and receive feedback is one of the most important skills for a creative, and at the core of ...

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