Congrats to the winners at $300 house!



after 5 weeks of submitting and jointly developing ideas, 2 weeks of rating and a little extra suspense due to us postponing the winner announcement, it’s finally done – the winners of the $300 house contest are out! CONGRATULATIONS to the 16 community winners as well as to the three jury choices!

Jury winners

elsap11 convinced with an exceptionally profound research, taking the most diverse climatic zones into account and coming up with an extremely well thought through concept. Great work, elsap11!



Besides a just as thorough research and a beautiful, convincing $300 house design, they also implemented thoughts on financing and empowering a village cooperative – to quote them “If calibrated carefully, the cycle of improvements then can truly shape the well-being of the villagers that are committed to this change, and towards a healthier, safer, and more financially stable future.” – kudos, architecturecommons!



DVS finally swept the judges off their feet with his design based on a hybrid structure of thermal mass and a lightweight configurable structure to react to whatever climate the slum dwellers are facing. Amazing job, DVS!



Community Winners

As diverse as the winning designs are, the Top 3 entries are made of earth bags – and as controversial as the opinions might be about this, the community has spoken and here you go with the decision: CONGRATULATIONS to PStouter with Totally Tubular, iLines with Earthbag, Rogerio_AA with SuperAdobe, mahmuda with Improved Design, Owen Geiger with Stone Dome, elsap11 with 300 possibilities, architecturecommons with Project Ground up, bogdanelsiecheru with A poverist dwelling for poor people, bdj108 with The COB Community, DVS with Hybrid House, Owen Geiger with $300 Geopolymer CEB House, harveylacey with Recycled plastic block house, ddd_lc with NICE.CUBE, OwenGeiger with $300 Earthbag House — What the World Needs Now, roygarcia with little big box and oxelot with rubble gabions!
CM 1

CM 2

Cm 3

The contest may be over, but the conversation shall go on – please sign up to the 300 house Google Group to keep on exchanging ideas and visions that might one day make the world a better place. Also keep on checking the main 300 house page! The planning of the workshop is also about to be finalized, so please stay tuned for the details, we will get back to you very soon – and I’m already curious to see the outcome!

Thanks again to all of you for that beautiful contest!



    there have been really really great outcomes. congrats to all these great ideas. great to see that all sold ideas are within the communities favorites. Would be great to see some ideas prototyped or even realized soon.

    Very inspiring! Congratulations to everyone!

    Where I can see the detail projects ???
    Thank you

    Congratulations to all, and to Nsonne who carried out this (difficult, I believe) task of managing this contest.
    Good luck to the jury winners and participants of the workshop.

    Congrats to all!

    Wow this is truely an awesome outcome! I want to see this desing coming to live! Please be stay tuned to elsap11 and see where it’ll be!

    I have forever thought there had to be a way to provide for the less fortunate. I thought all of the forty foot tractor-tailors that are stored on the wharves, could be turned into homes. It already has top, bottom, walls and insulated. Is this feasible?

    Wonderful, God bless you!