Become a jovoto Pro and Let the Projects You’ve Been Waiting for Find You


Did you know in addition to our Crowdstorms which everyone can participate in, jovoto also runs Crowdstorms where fewer, only more experienced and professional jovoto pro creatives can participate?

Become a jovoto pro by following the 3 easy steps below and start connecting with other professional creatives and get access to more Crowdstorms, with more complex tasks. Plus, you will have the opportunity to be invited to exclusive projects, with a small curated group of professional designers and earn a fixed payment.

Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a jovoto pro:

What is a jovoto pro?

A jovoto pro is a professional creative, whose portfolio or work sample has been reviewed by the jovoto team. You can be a pro in any design field from Architecture, Graphic, Product and Packaging Design to Film and Photography.

If you’re a professional creative, we want to see your work! You’ll receive an “invited creative” badge and a badge (or more) which specifies your outstanding skills.

3 easy steps to becoming a jovoto pro

  1.  Signup to become jovoto creative
  2.  Apply to become a jovoto Pro here and upload your portfolio, a work sample or your website and submit.
  3.  Within 48 hours you’ll have a confirmation from our team and your new badges

Benefits of being a jovoto pro

  • jovoto pros have access to more complex tasks on the platform, including exclusive projects with fixed payment
  • Connect with other professional jovoto pros in a more intimate project atmosphere
  • Receive information on new projects based on what fits your skills and interests
  • More opportunities to be rewarded for your great work
  • Being a jovoto pro is proof you’re a professional creative and something you can show off in your CV or portfolio
  • It’s easy!

Looking forward to see all of you jovoto pros on the platform!


Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.




    I have been recognised as a Jovoto Pro. However I am new to this status and apparently when I check on projects that are only open for pros I still cannot read the brief.
    How does this work?
    Thank you!

    Hi Valentina! Oh that seems strange. I think we could easily solve this for you if you let us have a look. Could you send your username and same message as above to support(at) – That way we can see what might be wrong.


    I can’t find the “Get Access” option on my profile page. Can I do this sign up in a different way? Also any advice for the portfolio?
    I really need a little help, maybe receive the direct link of the portfolio submission form ?

    Hi Paul, Sorry about that! You can apply to be a jovoto Pro by clicking on any Pro Only projects on the project overview page. If you need help with anything else, just let us know!

    I can’t send my apply for Jovotopro, the “send” doesn’t work.

    Hi Jhonny, Just checked on that, and it’s because you’re already a jovoto Pro! Will see to it that you can’t apply twice though, thanks! Best, Jess

    I wanted to apply for a private contest, so I thought that I fill out their questionnaire, but actually I filled a questionnaire for provato pro so I’m on the question “Why jovoto should invite me,” enrolled reason why organizer of this competition should engage me. Please note that when you read my application for provato pro.. 😀

    Whether I should repeat the application for provato pros?


    Hi 🙂 Can I take part in this competition? Thank you.

    Hi Kateryna! Which competition is it that you want to participate in? 🙂 You can apply to become a jovoto pro and participate in most of our projects on jovoto. Just follow the steps explained below. Let me know if you have questions!

    I’m a Jovoto Pro member but I’m trying to participate in the Coca-Cola project and I can’t. I know I must sign a NDA but I don’t know how or where. Could you help me? Thanks!

    You had to verify your account. I’ve done that now so you should be able to access the brief now! Let me know otherwise. 🙂

    Hi Olof! Now everything it’s ok. Thanks!

    I’ve sent an application 2 days ago, do I recieve some sort of confirmation? I wish to participate in Milka contest and the time is running out….

    Hi Alex! I see you application and will review it now and get back to you. 🙂


    Hello, I have sent the application that you need for a pro project. I would like to participate in the foam sweet foam contest of Evonik but it will end in 36 hours. Time is running

    Hi Uwe, your application has been reviewed! Sometimes during weekends, it can take a bit longer. Sorry about that!


    I sent my work for consideration to the Pro, received the following response:
    “We reviewed your work and look forward to watching your portfolio grow!
    Thanks for adding this, Lara!”
    I still could not understand – do they accept me or not?
    I’m on the site recently, have not figured out yet with many features, sorry.

    Knock Knock!
    Is anybody here?
    Very much I wait for the answer, please!
    I want to take part in the project “Meissen Porcellan”, and I do not have a PRO… 🙁

    Hi Lara, I will get back to you directly on the platform! Best, Jess

    I sent you my portfolio with another project, and I got a PRO status. Do I have to do it again?

    Hi Agata, Thanks for checking in. I will get back to you directly over the platform. All the best, Jess

    Dear Jovoto Team,
    I would like to participate in the Meissen White Gold Project. Since it is a Pro Project I uploaded some of my works to apply, but didn’t receive a feedback yet. How do I get informed if my application is accepted? 🙂

    Hi, I loaded up work to my portfolio to apply for pro status.
    How do I edit the portfolio? I put several projects into one file and rather load them up separately. Is there anything else I have to do to apply?
    Some link let to my status page.

    Hey There
    My name is Olga.
    I uploaded my portfolio and verified my id, but what’s next to get Pro?

    On other comments I see about questionnaire… I didn’t get one.

    hi, i uploaded my portfolio how long do i have to wait for it to be reviewed?