My Research Work Book


I’m Glen and I’m a pupil at the “Nelson Mandela school” in Berlin. Today I’m at the Jovoto HQ in Berlin for a short term internship of one day. Once a year my school participates in campaign called “Work for Peace”. For this campaign the students go to work for one day and the money that they earn goes to help-organisation in Africa.

To shortly introduce myself (or my ideas) I’ll show you something out of my “Research Work Book”, or for short just RWB. I do all sorts of art in this book. Whether its for art class or in my free time, I just put in ideas which pop into my mind. Here i can then structure and finish them off.

Here are a few examples:

“Munker-White-Illusion” :

Optical illusion

Even though the light of the two blue strips have the same wavelength (colour) our eyes & brain see it as two different colours. This is what you call the Munker-White- Illusion. The left blue stripes look lighter because there is more white around them. But they still have the same colour!

“Miro in complimentary colours” :


I made a picture in the style of Miro. To emphasize the effect of the picture I used complimentary colours but for some reason it didn’t work in the picture.

“Scaled Wings” :

Scaled Wings

I though of this idea while seeing a dead butterfly on the ground. By enlarging the wings and drawing each and every scale the wings have an entirely different effect than just their colours or patterns.

If you would like to see more or give your opinion just contact me or write in this blog.



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    It has been great spending the day with you!

    Hey glen! Oh no it looks like I’ve missed a great day at the office with a budding artist! Picture no. 2 reminds me more of Matisse than Miro, though… and I love the idea of the scaled wings. Keep it up!

    Seems as if you picked the perfect pupil for this kind of internship. Nice early bird artworks, keep it on.