Salad Contest Day 6: Frieda’s turn

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It’s been three weeks now since Frieda pleased us with her salad creation “happy-cheese-clowds-above-green-fields-with-fruity-gardens-and-an-occasional-shower-of-tasty-dressing”.


Before we were even allowed to taste what she dished up for us, we were already enjoying the scents coming out of the kitchen.
And here is what she did:
A field of lamb’s lettuce, topped with a nest of goat cheese, slices of avocado, dots of grapes, all surrounded by tomatoes, drizzled with a delicious dressing made of honey, mustard, grape-juice, walnut-oil and champagne-vinegar, spiced with dried rosemary, a little bit of pepper, salt and sugar. The creation was sprinkled with self-made garlic croutons and freshly roasted sesame.

Aah yeah, probably you mouth waters by now – and that indeed is adequate! No wonder Marc escaped on a business trip to avoid direct comparison the following week…