“The Penny Plot” Contest Winners

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It was 8 weeks filled with a lot of funny, weird and uncommon situations. Football players gave up on definite goals, women declined proposals, sperms swam in the wrong direction and boxers left the ring without a word of explanation. Some people may hold climate change responsible for these phenomenons, but we of course know better. It’s the so called “First to Penny” movement and even animals and all kinds of archaic homo sapiens (dead and alive) participated. The “The Penny Plot” Contest made it possible.

In the end the community chose the 18 winner ideas out of a total of 206 submissions – tough decissions needed to be made. And here are the deserved winners:

  • 1st place: Tobis with “come-on
  • 2nd place: MSTR with “Elvis spots
  • 3rd place: parazoid with “NESTHOCKER
  • And the places 4 to 18:

    4th place: markocesar with “The freshest food EVER”  ///  5th place: additio with “Farm choice”  ///  6th place voto with “Der kleine Michael”  ///  7th place: MSTR with “Penny Songs”  ///  8th place: gaborrieger and kaptn with “Hänsel und Gretel”  ///  9th place: sarig with “Apple vs. Blackberry”  ///  10th place: kaptn with “hypnoses”  ///  11th place: AlexSuchy with “Running Late”  ///  12th place: gusmonk with “Dilemma”  ///  13th place: Borhes with “First Penny Stories”  ///  14th place: Irina_Cajvaneanu with “Keep your eyes on the Prize!”  ///  15th place: parazoid with “The Great Escape”  ///  16th place: fertebra with “Wutomat”  ///  17th place: _DerHeld_ with “Hm…”  ///  18th place: awaldburg with “Der verrückte Seeman

    Congratulations to all winners! We’ll keep you posted on news and feedback from the client.

    And now? Erstmal zu Penny.


    Olof Ekman is Head of Community Management at jovoto and spends his time making the the jovoto experience as fun & pleasant as possible for it's community members!