We love feedback!


Well, so far a very early version of our platform is up and running and there is a long todo list as well. We have tons of ideas, new features and improvements we would like to add.

Our mission is to drive the Jovoto platform to the next level, but we aren’t totally sure where we should start first. For this reason we want to establish an active conversation with our users and count on user-driven development.

Not only does user interest and feedback motivate us, it also helps us to keep the focus on what is important and what rather is not. We don’t to spent our time and waste our users nerves on new features just for the sake of being new.



Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.



    I’m specting to learn more about you an that comunity. I hope to be able to understant your pruposes and interactuate with the others.


    hey, how about a widget (or equivalent for pc) to keep us updated and informed about new entries, ratings of own designs and so forth…? would come in handy, since many of us do check the page and each others concepts on a very regular basis….

    good suggestion! Currently we are working on a RSS-Feed for ideas. We’ll keep you updated about it.

    ye like the widget idea,, as im sure theres more people addicted to checking feedback like me…hahah
    i would really like to communicate on a more personal and private basis though with other individuals,, could we not have a mail box each, so we could communicate across members aswell as in public and with you… or just a personal comment space on our profiles, to leave more general feedback about peoples work,, rather than piece specific…
    lett me know,, sure youve already thought of this..


    Good point, manfirewheel! We will definitely talk about that with the team and think about possible ways for general/private communication. Thanks for the thought!