Zero Compromise Winners


Yay, that’s my second round of announcing contest winners today! That’s what Santa Clause must feel like…

So we experienced 4 Weeks of boldness, blackness and masculinity and that was kind of an exciting trip (and I’m still smiling about how mamma_mia explained secret women’s fantasies to Sonnenberg)! Now look what resulted from it: 159 ideas, overwhelming 1090 comments on ideas, and 4733 votings. Wow!

And another amazing fact that the stats don’t show: apart from pointing out possible trends by identifying certain directions that appealed to the majority (like matt, black varnish for example), the approach and the ideas behind your designs were of an incredible variety. Whether it’s about fake mustaches, black humor in a can, bold slogans to make women stop fishing for compliments… yes, you managed to completely unleash your creativity and amaze us with your fresh ideas!

But let’s not beat about the bush – here are the winners:

1) All Black Zero by zomatao


Now if this isn’t bold, black and masculine… The logo in a black, glossy finish on a matt, black background. This is just beautiful. Great job, zomatao!

2) No sugar added by perrocontodo


Yeah, even the ladies love this approach: we know our flaws and we’ll still cherish them till the end of our days – but we couldn’t help smiling looking at your tag lines, and you simply got us addicted to your film noir-resembling design. And what about the guys? Well, they are happy to have found at least one beverage that gets how complicated we are. Thumbs up, perrocontodo!

3) can scraper by senf


A stylish black, matt can that you can write on with a nail? Damn right. Who could have thought of that? Well, senf did. And we just fell in love with this idea!

And here we go with the following beautiful, humorous and simply stylish winners:

4) Black & Steel by wettbewerber4000


5) Real moustache, real taste by faraway


6) 0 by KREAtief


7) everything starts from zero by donner_mayer


Bottom line? Black is the new black. But this time, you can drink it.

Thanks to all of you for your great engagement! Keep on inspiring us!



    I just love #4 above, and they are all fantastic! Way to go guys! (and girls!)

    Congrats to all winners!

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