5 Major trends shaping what we eat


Now that the Future of Food & Beverages Crowdstorm is off to a great start, we are excited to present the second blogpost in a series of 3 that will explore the trends, characters, materials, settings, and methods that shape our way of consuming and purchasing food. Read the first post on “5 Innovative Food Companies You Should Know About” here.

It seems like everywhere you look – online and offline – there is a sense that we are becoming more and more aware of what we eat, resulting in the proliferation of fairs, events, products, places, and TV programs around food. Food in fact, is not only nutrition, it is also history, culture, geopolitics, technology, anthropology, and strongly affects the way we exist as human beings in society.

5 Trends Shaping What We Eat

Buy Local, Grow Local

As a result of more people living in urban areas, farming of vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, and berries has spread all over the world. Both adults and kids show an increasing interest in where and how food is grown, resulting in a global green movement that involves a sustainable lifestyle and a supportive community. Bringing these farms into our cities and our homes also have a strong environmental impact.

Example: Fresh Square

Fresh Square

Image taken from www.fresh-square.com

Fresh Square is a smart home garden product for your living room or kitchen that allows you to grow fresh food indoor all year around with 100% natural soil and organic nutrients. Since it doesn’t take too much space, Fresh Square is a handy product for city dwellers living in both big and small flats who are concerned about where their food comes from.

‘Ah! The Good Old Times!’

Like many other societal aspects, this trend is nostalgia to the ‘old good times’ as opposed to the modern digital era. It looks back to the past as a time when food was tasty and authentically good, people enjoyed life in the countryside, and food had a trackable life cycle – from sourcing the best ingredients by hunting animals and farming in season to producing and trading finished products with no waste. 

Example: Whole Larder Love: Rohan Anderson

Whole Larder Love

Photo taken from https://wholelarderlove.com

Whole Larder Love began as the online journal of Rohan Anderson –– former Australian city dweller, obese, and burnt out man –– to document his transition into a life of reconnection with nature and healing through the medium of food. Ever since changing his life by eating real food that he grows and hunts himself, he has managed to get healthy and become happier and has published two books, Whole Larder Love and A Year of Practiculture.

Tech Food

Technology and digitalization have also started to influence the food industry as a whole, prompting experimenting with new foamings, layers, textures, processes, tools, and flavors. 3D printing is one of the most common examples of the latest frontiers of technology offering the possibility to customize raw ingredients and build complex products, like constructions made of sugar, chocolate, or pasta.

Example: Foodini


Photo taken from www.naturalmachines.com

Foodini is the first 3D printer that prints all types of real food from savory to sweet, made from fresh ingredients prepared before printing. Through the use of fresh ingredients, Foodini wants to promote healthy eating and cooking. In fact, the 3D food printer manages the difficult and time-consuming parts of food preparation that often discourage people from making homemade food.

Grab A Cricket

Yes! We are talking about eating insects. Actually, this isn’t a new trend, humans have been eating bugs in many parts of the world for a long time. Because of insects being a source high in protein and having a low impact on the environment, the United Nations has resolved that they are a crucial solution in feeding the global population, which is expected to grow by 70% by 2050. 

Example: Jungle Bar

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 15.31.58

Jungle Bar is a tasty, sustainable, and healthy energy bar made of non-GMO ingredients such as seeds, fruits, chocolate, and cricket flour produced by Crowbar Protein. In each bar there are 75 crickets ground into flour, which, thanks to their nutritional value and high levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals, can keep you going throughout the day.


Health-conscious new generations now lead towards more healthy habits, mixing exercise with leisure, balancing overeating with cleanses and nutritious foods, and gathering at a growing number of events focusing on healthy living, eating, and being. This trend is expressed, for instance, in new beverage products like nutritious cold-pressed juices or alternatives to milk.

Example: Juice Served Here

Image taken from www.juiceservedhere.com

Image taken from www.juiceservedhere.com

Founded in LA by two fashion industry heavyweights who were driven to innovate how to drink yourself clean, Juice Served Here has instantly become a hit, garnering a following of health-enthusiasts. Juice Served Here offers a range of 12 juices, shots, and smoothies and 3 types of cleanses, bringing non-GMO, nutrient full juice from produce picked in local biodynamic farms to the type of consumer who not only enjoys ready-made cold-press, but also wants to join a community of fashionable, cool, and conscious eaters.

There you have it. We hope it will get your creative juices flowing for the Future of Food & Beverages Crowdstorm that is open for submissions until the 22nd of June.

Header image by https://www.stephaniegonot.com/

Veronica Fossa

Born and bread in Italy, Veronica is the creative guide for the Future of Food & Beverages challenge. When not challenging creatives to do their best on jovoto, she is a nomadic food experience designer and strategist, guest lecturer and business well being catalyst, and the founder of WE Factory.



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    Rohan Anderson’s life really teaching me many important thing about food!
    Thank you for sharing his story, Veronica!

    Thank you! Glad you like it!
    I’m such a fan of his work and life philosophy as well! He definitely is one of the main proponents of a simple, real and honest approach to life and eating.

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