7 Tips on giving great feedback for creatives

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Being able to give and receive feedback is one of the most important skills for a creative, and at the core of what makes jovoto a compelling place to work. Not only do we want support and encourage creating great work together, but also giving great feedback to one another. That’s why in each project we reward the person who gives the most constructive and quality feedback with the Best Feedback Award.

To help you when giving feedback, and going for the Best Feedback Award in the next jovoto project, here is our list of 7 ways that you can ensure your feedback is both helpful and effectively communicated.

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Aretha was onto something here. By keeping feedback respectful, you can expect the same in return! Try to give feedback with the intention to help the other person to improve & develop their idea, so do it with respect & consideration. Put yourself in their shoes; how would you like to hear it? Focusing on the positive aspects of the idea before moving onto what exactly could be improved is a great way to deliver the message in a respectful manner.

2. Constructivity is key

Respect is the number one rule, but constructivity comes in at close second.. As one of the pillars of jovoto, constructive feedback is meant to help you or another creative develop your ideas. It’s nice to give compliments but don’t stop there, we’re striving for more effective and constructive feedback! An example of a constructive comment would be “I think you’re on the right track, but keep in mind the target group is women from 15-30.” Don’t worry if something doesn’t come to mind right away, sometimes explaining why you think an idea or design is great is already a big step in the right direction!

3. Suggest a solution

There is nothing more constructive than a suggestion on how your fellow creative can take his or her idea to the next level. Once you’ve identified something that could be improved about an idea, why not make a solution-oriented suggestion? For example “Hey johnny73, great overall design! I think you could keep experimenting with the typography though, what about trying out a non-serif font

4. Straight to the (bullet) point

If you have more than one thing that you’d like to address you can consider making bullet points or dividing your feedback so it’s easy to understand and follow your argument. The goal here is to try to make your comment as clear and easy to read as possible!

5. Stay relevant to the subject

This one is self-explanatory. Apples are not oranges. Stay objective and make sure your feedback is relevant to the problem or subject at hand.

6. Ask a question

Feedback does not only have to be about addressing what’s good or what could be improved, it can also be about raising the right questions. By doing so you can open up a completely new way of looking at a problem or an idea, which can be extremely helpful to the recipient.

7. Be realistic

Keep in mind that the person you are helping has likely already invested a lot of time and effort into their idea. Sometimes focusing on one or two aspects about their idea will be more helpful than telling them to rehaul their whole design.

We hope that these simple tips will equip you with great constructive feedback skills and a great chance to win the Best Feedback Award. Now we’re excited to see what you have learned! Test out your feedback skills in any projects open on jovoto.

Note: Don’t forget, we strive to provide the best digital work environment for you, so the feedback doesn’t have to stop under the ideas! You’re always welcome to give us feedback,

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