Novice to Freelancer to Agency Designer – Andreea’s Key to Making the Jump

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Andreea Hopinca reveals how jovoto helps build design portfolios that set you apart when applying to creative agencies

Here at jovoto we have a large pool of professional creatives that is growing every day. In this series of blog posts we want to highlight some of the great talent in our community, show the fantastic work that they are producing and give you some insider tips about how to succeed.

When a friend mentioned jovoto, Andreea Hopinca thought the platform was not for her.  Though she bookmarked the website just in case, she assumed jovoto was just another design contest platform.

Build Design Portfolios

The jovoto Process

Fast forward four years —  Andreea was without a job.  Her company relocated and she decided to remain in The Netherlands.  The job market proved more difficult than expected, so Andreea turned to jovoto.  

What began as one project became ten, and soon she was participating in as many Crowdstorms as possible.  jovoto was a way for her to add structure to her days, develop her design skills, build her portfolio and make money.  

Andreea recalls, “For one year jovoto was my only source of income.”

She loved the independence of working for different brands from anywhere in the world.  Almost overnight, her portfolio and confidence grew.  The opportunity to present her designs to big-name brands was very cool, but more importantly she was learning and progressing as a designer by being surrounded by other creatives in the community.  Feedback and collaboration were helping to take Andreea’s work to the next level. Before long, Andreea became one of the most esteemed jovoto creatives, earning prizes on almost half of her 55 submissions.

Though very successful, Andreea still “likes to find joy in the small things that each day brings. If you’re living your life always waiting for the “big things” to happen, you’ll never be happy. Happiness is all around, if you can see it. “

build design portfolios

Designed by Andreea Hopinca

The jovoto Community

Today, jovoto is a site of creative inspiration for Andreea. She always looked up to famous designers, but now receives immediate, project-specific ideas from peers. jovoto enables Andreea to expand her own perspective by watching the diverse approaches to any one design challenge.  

Andreea cites gusmonk and Christin Weller as two jovoto favorites.  Though she has never met these individuals in person, they amaze and influence her with their work.  

She credits another jovoto creative, Corina Rosca, with her current role.  Andreea explains, “Corina is one of those people that inspired me.  By viewing her incredible work, I’ve learned that the way you present your project is just as important as your idea.”

build design portfolios

“Tiffany” designed by Corina Rosca for the “Design Privacy” Crowdstorm

This mentality directly impacted Andreaa’s portfolio presentation to creative agencies.  Beyond all the great content she was able to include from her jovoto clients, Andreea believes that the way she compiled the materials helped to land a full-time job.

“I feel so lucky for this and I owe a lot to jovoto and its community.”

build design portfolios

Designed by Andreea Hopinca

4 Tips on How to Build Design Portfolios That Wow

Now a  jovoto veteran and visual designer at Bright Creative, here are Andreea’s four tips for making your design portfolio into something that sells.

  1. Prioritize Quality over Quantity

Select your best work and make it “shine.”   Don’t try to impress with the size of your portfolio and include everything.  Be selective! Showcase only what you are most proud of.

  1. Focus on Portfolio Design

It doesn’t matter how impressive your portfolio is if it is not presented well! Think of your portfolio as a separate project.  Give the same time and attention to detail you would give a client.  You are your most important client!

  1. Depict Connection

You can create the most beautiful design you’ve ever made, but if it’s not answering the client’s problem, it’s not good enough.  Make sure you present designs that represent your ability to understand and respond to client needs.

  1. Tell the Story

Present a narrative throughout your work.  A carefully curated portfolio connects you to your projects and helps to sell your creative expertise.

build design portfolios

Designed by Andreea Hopinca

Join jovoto

If you are new to jovoto, jovoto is an open innovation platform that solves design challenges for top global brands such as Greenpeace, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Victorinox and many more. We are building the future of creative work for designers worldwide through an open, collaborative and transparent innovation process.

Do you want to follow in Andreea’s footsteps and build design portfolios that wow? – Join jovoto today!

Check out more of Andreea’s work here.

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