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On Wednesday this week we were happy to present two new ways for creatives to work on jovoto. Today we are proud to announce the first result of this: the Textile Orbit, a talent pool commissioned by our client, to work with the most talented textile and pattern designers on jovoto.

What is it?

Textile Orbit is a carefully curated group of the best textile designers and pattern designers on jovoto. The designers will be carefully considered and selected based on their portfolio and/or their submissions over the last two public textile design projects on jovoto. The designers who have already been awarded the “Outstanding Textile Design” achievement badge (visible on your profile, automatically will be invited to the pool. Congratulations to you!

What makes it special?

If you are invited to the Textile Orbit, you can expect:

1) Exclusive access to monthly textile design briefs (similar to Artificial Garden & Chinoiserie Chic)

2) Working in a highly professional environment with other top-talent, meaning better feedback, great opportunities to collaborate, and to learn from other talented designers;

3) The opportunity to compete with a selected few to win up to 5,000€ in prize money per project and to be licensed by major fashion brands (100€ per license & 0,20€ per produced meter).

4)  Monthly trend forecasting from the renowned & top trend agency Promostyl. Read more about it here!

5) A deeper understanding of the client, meaning you can design more effectively and ultimately need to invest less time prepping for each project.

I don’t have the badge, can I still be invited?

Yes! There are a total of 200 initial spots in the Textile Orbit and we still have openings! This is how you can apply:

1) If not already a member on jovoto, sign up here and read our FAQs.

2) Verify your account. Read how here!

3) Apply by sending us your portfolio or samples of your work here!

How do I know if I’m in?

You will receive a private message in your jovoto inbox.

What happens next?

1) Wednesday, July 8th – We will start the process of inviting the first 200 textile designers to the Textile Orbit.

2) Tuesday, July 21st – We will present the first creative brief for textile designers in Textile Orbit.

This is the first talent pool of many on jovoto, stay tuned for information about the others!

Header image is a collage made from submissions in the last two textile design challenges from:
Gusmonk, BreezeStudio, ralucaag, matias, camilletextile, amyreber, DLKG, Elizaveta Boyur

This blogpost was updated on the 7th of September.


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    I’ve just sent an application but then realised that I already have the “outstanding textile design” badge. Really glad to be on board.

    Excellent news, very excited about it. I didn’t notice that those with the badge would be invited so I sent my application anyway, hope it’s not causing any confusion, sorry! Really looking forward to taking part in this though, I wish I could’ve taken part in the second textile project too.

    Hi guys! Excited to get started and knowing we have a great bunch of talented textile designers (like YOU!) on board already is very calming! 🙂

    All the best,


    So exciting! Can’t wait to get cracking 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity guys – this is a great platform and long may it continue!

    Thank you guys, this is such a great idea and platform to work on! Can’t wait to start more projects 🙂

    I have the “Outstanding Textile badge” but Is it required to apply and send in my Portfolio? 🙂

    Hi Nasisha!

    No you don’t, you will be invited automatically in the next couple of days, stay tuned! 🙂

    All the best,


    hearty thanks for the opportunity to join textile Orbit! I’ll submit a folio in the next few days. I am currently completing images for ‘Chinoiserie’ which will be included. Jovoto promotes pattern passion and I love it.

    super excited about this opportunity!!! And love seeing my design there in there in the picture!!

    Honoured that I was accepted to be a part of this group. Cheers!

    Happy to be accepted as well. Nice to meet you all fellow pro’s 😉

    Glad to join this group :)!

    Thanks for inviting me
    I am delighted to be part of this community

    happy to join thank you

    Gladddddd ……I am waiting……

    I’m so excited to be a part of this and the possibilities it may lead to!

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    Wow! Would be realy cool to be a part of TextileOrbit! Sounds very promising. 🙂

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