Changes on the Horizon: Hidden Ranks!


…So finally we can launch the hidden rank feature! You can find out in this blogpost what this exactly means, and what the changes are!

So what’s exactly changing?

If you go to a project where the hidden ranks feature is enabled you’ll find this message in the rating box. You can still vote normally, but you won’t see the average rating of the idea you have rated for.

Do I still see my own rank?

Yes. You will still be able to see your own rank and score. You don’t see the rank or score from any other idea in a hidden rank project.

So you might think, how do I get an idea of who my competitors are?

Well, we implemented a new filter for that. In hidden rank contests you will be able to filter for e.g the top 20 in random order. (Standard setting here is sort by random, filter by all)

How random is this “sort by random”?

Pretty random. The random sorting is updated once per hour.

Can I let people know the rank of my idea with a comment?

No you can’t, otherwise the whole hidden rank feature doesn’t make much sense. We won’t allow comments where you state your rank, such comments will be taken out.

We’re pretty excited about it, we would of course appreciate your feedback! If you have any questions just drop them here in the comments!

Jeroen van Boxtel
Jeroen van Boxtel

Jeroen von Boxtel is a Community Manager at jovoto.



    yay 😀 hidden ranks ! The Random option is great but I don’t relly understand the Top20, 50, 100 sorting option, random as it is, since that could be well translated into “top ideas to bash”, “top ideas to bash later” “top ideas to bash if nothing else to do” for the zombies… But I’m really curious to see how it works 🙂 …. come forth next project !! 😀

    Hey Jeroen, I´m curious to see the new functions in action soon, looking forward to!
    Just a short question to clear up if I did understand this right: if I klick “Random” and “Top 20”, then I will see the top rated first 20 ideas but only don´t know which of those 20 ideas has exactly which ranking between the 1-20 places, right?
    Hm… if I´m right with this – wouldn´t it be better to start this function with “Top 50” because to see the top 20 (although in random order and without knowing the exact rating) might be a bit too much information for us – this might cause some “extra efforts” and fights if some will hardly try to appear under that Top20 to make sure they´ll be ranked good? When we´d start with only showing the “Top50” this would be more difficult for a single person to know his/her position. Just a first thought, what do you think?

    Jeroen van Boxtel

    Thanks for the feedback.

    You don’t know who your direct competitors are. So in case you want to bash, you have to bash them all. And that is very easy to detect for us.

    Right. You see in random order the ideas that have a top 20 rank at that moment. The standard setting is sort by “random” filter by “all”. Thanks for your input, let’s see how it changes the dynamics of the contest.

    22 ratings – 0 views :p

    just sayin 😀 looking forward to it

    Jeroen van Boxtel


    Ha! Obviously that’s a screen from our test system 😉

    I think this is a great changes! In my opinion, the rating much more safer, if only those users can rate who registered her/his credit card or bank account in Jovoto profile! Because lot of “ghost user” will die!

    Your idea is terrible (in a really strong way), but effective.
    Fake profiles will be over and the community will get real. I´m not sure if i ike it or not…
    Seems a little dictatorial, but is absolutely effective… Hmmmm

    About hidden ranks, i support goforit regarding the 50 top, because 20top can be easy to manipulate. Anyhow, let´s see how this works for now!

    i have more credit cards than sex partners, carmen. maybe we should change that.

    this is great news and sooner than I thought. I hope this is implemented for private and public, i’m sure that is the case. I really like GO’s comment about the top 50 instead of top 20, it just makes sense that way. I also really appreciate hangyel comment about only letting users who submit bank account info to vote and participate. I mean this is the only foolproof way to ensure a lack of zombie actions. Very nice jovoto.

    is anyone else sick of teigans sexual innuendos? I know I am. They are perverse and do not belong on this forum. How about giving this person a warning? his language is consistently rude.

    Man, was only me or you were testing hiding some ideas in the rank view during the first half of the victorinox contest? zum beispiel, I could see the ideas ranked in 1,3,4,5,8,11,12,14 place…
    Anyways, it’s really good to see these changes, I’m curious how it works.

    as Carmen says, it’s horrible, but terribly effective. For some contest with a truckload of money it should be done, at least as a test. really.

    I love the love-hate relationship between you guys. Are you sure you’re not living together and this is you way to issue your problems?

    I am looking forward. I totally agree with the comment of “goforit”. Random top 50 instead of top 20 is much better.

    Jeroen van Boxtel


    It sounds like you had the filter “not yet rated / rated” on?

    Good news, but please no top (whatever) clustering. It will destroy all the efforts you have done.
    There are smart people in the ministry of zombies. So i think the next step for those aliens is to sort the top 20 or 50 and kill them all.

    Who needs to know which ideas is on top? Why don´t you hide the complete ranking until the end of the project? By doing this one thing you can make sure that only the idea owner knows if he or she belongs the top (whatever).

    1) No cluster (you can´t see the top (…) ideas. You are just allowed to see your personal ranking, so you have no option to kill the top (whatever) ideas.
    2) Objectivity (Because you can´t see who is on top or who is flop, you can just base your vote and comment on objective factors.
    3) Fairness (this required that the nickname of the idea-owner is also hidden): Some people in the community have some special skills (let´s say they have the ability to get a better ranking with some tricks). So maybe it is also possible to hide the owner. Just an additional option to make it difficult for BOB to give 10 point to MARLEY (because they are friends or maybe just from the same village).

    Finally, the only thing that really works is a good personal voting-behavior. AND THIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT THING IN COMPETITIONS.

    viva la jovotolution ! i quess we’ll start making sense with these disscutions after the 1st project with these changes implemented…

    @ MiShel
    Interesting point of views, but we have so much difficulties with the voting, because we did not have the opportunity to discuss about the consequences before.
    I think it is just beneficial for all of us if we try to analyze possible eventualities.

    Totally worth it. Good to hear you’ll implement this.

    then all makes sense. =)

    Wohoo – there it is!! Now this is a change worth to be announced. 😉 I agree with Theo though, that it would be good to see no rankings at all – what for? My common sense will tell me whether an idea is in the upper category or not, I guess…

    @ Theo: I understand your reasons for hidden profiles, but don´t you think this platform will become quite unpersonal then? It´s a nice side-effect imo, that you really get to know some people here and knowing who they are helps me to understand some of their reactions better. Anyways – most of us will be detected through their way of talking, their emoticons or the way they present their ideas – so this won´t work. 😉

    yup, good news

    Great news. I also agree with Theodore and Janne about the total hidden ranking, if this change tries besides the bashing of ideas to avoid the people focusing on the ideas on the first page with the top 20 tab probably those ideas will be more visible, I mean it will be probably the tab that people will look and rank first.
    Another question is what´s going to happen to the notification about someone loving an idea, will they remain ? cause sometimes they give a clear clue about the ranking positions.

    YEAH!!! The feature we were waiting for!!! Hidden rankings!!! This would be super fun!!! Maybe better without “Top 20, 50…” options, that would make more sense for the hidden feature!!!
    This is a fantastic step forward for more PROFESSIONAL and FAIR votes!!!
    Thanks jovoto!!!

    Wow, COOL! Looking forward to test it 🙂

    Wouldn’t it be better to show the user that his idea is ranked between 1-30 position , or 1-50 ; 50-100 . So we can keep rumors out of the competition ? Just a thought.

    I agree with goforit to start random function with top50 or do we need this function really?
    I think the best way is to start projects with the hidden ranks and look what will happen ;D

    great idea with hidden ranks! But I would prefer the “recently updated” filter rather than “top 20”..

    yes Anca. I often stumble across updates- as opposed to knowing they actually happened. I completely agree on “recently updated” as a new tab.

    “update” slides are unsightly. they seem so needy. i refuse to use them.

    teigan, you’re damn right, I used them for past contest last year. I never felt more attention whore than then. look at me look at me.

    god, my english sucks at mornings.

    a year ago i suggested that the preview image gets an “update” overlay with datestamp. it would work the same way as the idiotic and totally meaningless “all rights reserved to:______” overlay.

    Yes, hidden ranks is a really great idea!!!
    And I think is better without top 20 – 50 – 100 … random and date sorting are more than enough: the first gives the opportunity for all to be seen and the second gives the opportunity to see the latest projects added without having to review all.
    Well done, Jovoto 🙂

    Why show the top 20/50/100? What purpose does that serve?

    Jeroen van Boxtel


    To ensure that in big contests with a lot of submissions there is a rough overview.

    nice move @jovoto team! glad to see this feature finally come live.